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Smart Digital Marketing Plan for your business growth

by Ragini Salampure
Smart Digital Marketing Plan for your business growth

Nowadays everything has moved towards online, right from ordering food to buying cosmetics. Hence as a business owner, you should make sure that your business has good reach in the online mediums like Social Media profiles, Search Engines, etc. You should have the dedicated budget for the digital marketing to make sure that you target the right audience for your business.

How to get started with Digital Marketing?

First thing you need to have is a business website. If you don’t have one, then you can check out the complete guide written by Dinesh Kumar VM on how to create a business website from the scratch and create your own business website. Even you can hire the professional web designers and create a top notch business website.

So you have the website now, next thing you need to do is to drive the right audience to your website from Google Search and the social media platforms. You can drive users to your business website by using the strategies like Organic SEO and other paid campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

Get started with SEO

SEO, called as the Search Engine Optimization is the technique which is used to rank the website organically in Google search for the target keywords. SEO is mainly classified in to two categories as On Page SEO and the Off Page SEO. On Page SEO deals with all the optimization technique which is carried out in the website and Off Page SEO deals will all the activities which is carried outside of the website like link building, social media shares, etc.

Ranking your website for the target search terms will help you get more traffic for your website and in return will result in conversions. So you should make sure that

While hiring the SEO Agency for your business, you need to make sure that they have proven results previously. This will ensure that your website will be optimized well in a proper way. If you are starting a new website, SEO will take some time to reflect as it need to pass the Google Sandbox period. When it comes to SEO, you need to hire the best SEO Agency like ClickDo, founded by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond. You can find many case studies in ClickDo Website related to SEO, Google Ads, etc. So you can review their past works before hiring them.

Google Ads for Instant Results

If you are starting a new website, then it will take some time for you to rank the business website organically. So you can get started with the Google Ads to get instant results. Google Ads is the paid marketing campaign by using which you can show your ads for the users who search for particular terms. You need to pay to Google for each click that the user makes on your Ad and lands on your website. It is also called as the Pay Per Click (PPC).

In Google Ads, you can start showing ads for search queries related to your business. The cost per click may vary based on the search queries and the location that you target. By using the Google Ads, you can target the users based on search queries, location and many more demographic options.

Facebook Remarketing Ads for Better Reach

So incase if you have a business website which has good traffic from Google by both organic SEO and paid campaigns. Then you can get started with the Facebook campaigns to increase your brand awareness. By using the Facebook Ads, you can custom target the audience based on the age, gender, location, interests, job profile and many more options. So based on your business, you can target the right audience using Facebook Ads.

If your business website has good traffic organically, but when the sales are less. Then it’s time for you to switch to the Remarketing Ads. By using the Facebook Remarketing, you can retarget the users with custom ads who have visited your website previously. Remarketing ad campaigns will help you make the past users return to your website and help you get more sales from that.

Even you should have experienced the remarketing ads in real time. For example, When you visit Amazon shopping website to look for some products, then after leaving the Amazon site, you will see the same product as ads in Facebook & Instagram. This strategy is called remarketing. Based on your activity on Amazon website, they retarget you back with the custom ads.

Keep in touch with customers via Email Marketing

Email marketing is the old strategy which still gives the better results when used in a proper way. If you run a business, then ideally you should have the customer’s data like Email, Phone Number and other details. Hence by using these data you can be in touch with the customers. Periodically you can email some custom offers for your existing customers, you can send an update about new product launch, etc. Hence by using email marketing, you can make your existing customers to come back to you.

The main thing you need to give importance in email marketing is the email broadcast frequency. You should not frustrate the customer by sending emails very frequently, you should protect the list and send only potential emails in right time. If you send more frequent emails, then there are more chances for the customers to unsubscribe from your list.

Get Started Today!

If you are a business owner reading this blog, now you should have got the clear idea on what to do next for your business. Just get started with the proper digital marketing plan for your business based on your target and implement it.  Investing on digital agencies will make sure that you get more in return. Online digital platforms are the best sources to generate quality leads for your business. Hence hire the best Digital Marketing Agency and get started with the online marketing activities.

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