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Staying Fit as You Age: The Best Workouts for Older Men

by Altaf
Staying Fit as You Age: The Best Workouts for Older Men

Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing all of your strength and stamina. There’s no reason that an able-bodied man over 50 has to ditch his workout routine.

It’s possible that your routine will need some adjustments though, depending on your starting point. That said, there are plenty of workouts for older men that can leave you feeling strong and ready to take on anything.

Men’s fitness doesn’t have to be powerlifting and marathons (though these things are more than possible). We have a few exercises that fit right into a workout routine for men who are older and getting into the game.

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Yoga and Pilates

This is a great starting point for older men who are getting into fitness. There are plenty of benefits to starting off slow and steady, and while many men scoff at these kinds of exercises they may find that they’re more helpful than they originally thought.

Yoga promotes several things. You’ll gain the ability to remain calm, you’ll gain flexibility (which is often difficult for older adults) and you can gain strength in your entire body that will prepare you for more traditional strength training.

Pilates is slow as well but it will help to tone the core, arms, and glutes and it will give you a surprising muscle burn!

Strength Training

Everyone can strength train. You just have to start at an appropriate level for your body.

If you’ve remained fit for the duration of your life thus far you shouldn’t shy away from the weights at the gym. Practice simple movements like dumbbell curls, chest presses, and reverse flies, all with light weights.

When you’re ready, move to a Smith machine. These machines have barbells on a sturdy moving stand to make your transition to heavier weights safer.

If you’re struggling you can buy male supplements online to give you a boost.

Low-Impact Cardio

Many people develop sore joints as they age. This is when making a switch to low-impact cardio is a good choice.

This kind of cardio exercise is easy on the knees while still giving your heart a healthy workout. You can still burn fat with low-impact cardio.

Instead of going for a run, try an exercise bike or a slow elliptical session. You can also go for a walk instead of running or do casual kickboxing moves (though you may want to skip “real” kickboxing unless you feel ready to move forward.

Mobility Exercises

Like yoga, a good stretching and mobility routine is going to help your body as you age. Many older adults lose mobility over time, but you can help your body avoid some of these changes with a bit of preventative care.

Mobility exercises include deep stretches and some mild forms of movement that can help you flex some of those stiff joints.

Start slow and don’t do anything that causes pain.

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These Are Our Favorite Styles of Workouts for Older Men

Workouts for older men don’t have to be jazzercise and aquatic aerobics. While these things are valid, traditional exercises (built up slowly over time) are more effective for a man trying to lose weight and keep his heart strong.

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