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Stop Doing This & Start Doing This! How to Help an Alcoholic

by Altaf
Stop Doing This & Start Doing This! How to Help an Alcoholic

If you’re wondering how to help an alcoholic, you aren’t the only one. Alcoholism is a devastating medical condition that affects over 17 million adults in the US alone.

This disease can be just as devastating for loved ones as for the person suffering from alcoholism. That’s why we want to help ease yours and your loved one’s pain with this guide.

How to Help an Alcoholic: The Do’s and Don’ts

Not all help is good help. Learn how best to assist loved ones suffering from alcoholism below.

Do: Remember Alcoholism is a Disease

Alcohol is a substance abuse disorder. This means that your loved one doesn’t just want to drink— he or she has a physical craving that compels him or her to drink. And being compelled means your loved one can’t control how much they drink.

Understanding that alcoholism is a disease and not a choice is vital for helping your loved one. Knowing the difference will encourage you to feel empathy rather than spite or hatred toward the alcoholic in your life.

Don’t: Enable Your Loved One’s Addiction

Codependency is a term describing a relationship where one partner enables the other. In the case of alcoholism, this is a partner who encourages, allows, or even provides means for the partner with the alcohol use disorder.

Allowing your partner to be codependent on you can be detrimental to them. But codependence is also bad for you. People in codependent relationships are more likely to feel guilt and responsibility for their partner’s disease, often leading to mental health issues of their own. Quitting alcohol can be very challenging and people who have been addicted for so long often suffer from withdrawal. If ever you do convince someone to quit drinking, it’s best to look out for alcohol withdrawal symptoms which may cause relapse and many other health problems.

Do: Talk to Your Loved One About Their Addiction

You know it’s time for your loved one to quit the bottle, but how do you help them do it? The first step is to approach your partner and bring up how their alcohol use is causing negative life events. Be truthful: tell your partner how their alcohol addiction makes you feel to help them have a reason to quit.

The second step is to set boundaries. You need to let your partner know what will happen should he or she continue to drink. This could mean living in separate homes or encouraging your partner to seek out professional help for the addiction.

Don’t: Choose Just Any Rehabilitation Center

When your loved one is ready to seek help for his or her addiction, it’s time to find a reputable rehabilitation center. You don’t want to choose just any rehab clinic. Getting low-quality rehab services can be as just as much of a step back as not getting any help at all.

For example, Charlie’s Place is a local rehabilitation center well-known for its effective and compassionate alcoholism services. Charlies Place is now Cenikor, and it’s still the best rehabilitation center in Corpus Christi for your loved one.

Get Your Loved One Alcohol Addiction Help

Now that you know how to help an alcoholic loved one, use these do’s and don’ts to encourage them to seek help.

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