The Importance Of Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

by Janet Brown
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The Importance Of Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

Regular equipment maintenance in any manufacturing company is important to prevent catastrophic maintenance failure. Unexpected equipment issues can interrupt the production schedule, leading to costly delays that impact your bottom-line significantly. An efficient maintenance program can ensure that your equipment is running at highest efficiency while maintaining best production quality. Here’s a run down on why proper manufacturing equipment maintenance is well worth the investment. 

With the help of latest technologies, manufacturing equipment maintenance has evolved beyond regular scheduled visits by mechanics. Smart sensors can alert managers of potential threats in real-time so they can be solved before the problem affects the production-cycle. Daily or weekly inspection, cleaning, lubricating can help combat the wear and tear that occurs with time and use. Especially, for food and beverage and packaging industries, there should be an additional layer of maintenance, due to food safety concerns and regulations.

What Role Does Maintenance Play in Manufacturing?

Some of the key roles that maintenance play in manufacturing includes the following.

Keep the production going 

One of the major roles of maintenance is to keep processes going without unexpected downtime. Creating an efficient and effective equipment upkeep policy will lower the chances of processes being interrupted by breakdown. 

Ensure product safety

Most industries must make sure that their products are safe to use. For instance, manufacturer of food products like chocolate, ice-cream and confectionary need to be absolutely sure that their products are completely unspoiled and without any trace of harmful contaminants, because people consume items that leave their facilities. With proper maintenance of production line equipment will help prevent contamination while ensuring food items come off their line perfectly fit for consumption. 

Reduce product losses

Any equipment breakdown can put the product itself at risk. For any food, the longer it is left to sit out, that greater the chances of it getting spoiled and discarded. Certain products have stringent temperature control requirements, meaning higher chances of product going bad. Industries that produce thousands of pounds of product on daily basis, this can lead to massive losses and reduced production time. Preventive maintenance can help eliminate such losses.

Follow regulatory compliance

Manufacturers in the food products industry must comply with strict regulations about products made in food factories. Failing to comply with such regulations may lead to hefty fines being imposed on the manufacturer, plus damaged reputation. With regular maintenance work, your manufacturing equipment will stay in a state that complies with set standards. 

Equipment Maintenance Challenges in Manufacturing

Most manufacturing industries face challenges including:

Strict regulations – manufacturers have to comply with standards set forth by controlling agencies like FDA. The manufacturing facility must always be kept in strict compliance because inspections and scrutiny can happen any time. 

Cleanliness standards – factories, especially food factories need to be kept spotlessly clean to make sure the product is safe for consumption. 

Complex equipment – often, specialised training is needed to make sure all manufacturing machinery is working. 

Continuous processes – careful maintenance planning is needed to find the right time for maintenance. 

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