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The Top Backyard Landscape Ideas (2021)

by Rohan Mathew
The Top Backyard Landscape Ideas (2021)

2020 was a rough one, folks. The good news is, we still have our beautiful backyard garden to bring us joy. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to connect with nature more often. This article discusses the top backyard landscape ideas of 2021. 

Continue reading if the year 2020 left you in dire need of some lush landscaping therapy. Find out the most popular backyard landscape trends of 2021 and put that green thumb to work! 

Indigenous Plants

An emerging trend for many years, using native plants as your backyard landscaping focal point continues to top the lists in 2021. The most important aspect of indigenous plants is that you know they can thrive in your environment. For example, if you live in Colorado, why not add to your environment with a Colorado blue spruce tree?

With native plants, you don’t have to worry about whether your backyard has enough sunlight or whether the soil will be able to support their growth. They also won’t have to adapt to predators or fluctuating weather patterns. 

Lastly, using flora specific to your area can help instill a sense of hometown pride and comfort. Knowing that your backyard utilizes the local ecosystem will make you proud and help you form a deeper connection with nature. After all, why try to grow a poinsettia in Washington? 

Outdoor Living Areas 

The one positive that arose from COVID-19 was that it prompted us to get creative with our outdoor activities. Whether it be gazebos, pergolas, or patios, constructing an open-aired space to host activities is an effective way to make the most out of your backyard. 

Place a below-ground patio with a fire pit in your backyard to free up space and have friends over for a relaxed evening around a stone fireplace. Use a gazebo as a location for your grill and have a barbeque for Memorial Day weekend. Regardless of your preference, 2021 is the year of outdoor living areas. 

More Natural Plants 

Tagging alongside the native plants trend is 2021’s natural plants trend. This trend means people seem to be veering toward a more untamed garden than the ornate, English-style gardens of recent. In other words, people are using more greens and less colorful flowers. 

The reason for this landscape design trend is that people care more about having a natural setting while also cutting down on their maintenance costs. Watch for landscape designers in 2021 to take the saying, “less is more” more seriously. 

Year-Round Lushness 

Landscape designers have seen a shift from seasonal gardens to more year-round fixtures. What better way to implement winterization than incorporating more plants that can withstand colder temperatures? It also means backyard landscapes will incorporate more plants that bloom in the off-seasons like fall and winter. 

Helping your cold-weather plants thrive in the winter can be a simple matter of choosing the right container. Regardless of whether you select flora that stays consistent year round or blooms in the colder months, there are cost-effective methods to ensure they thrive in your backyard landscape. 

Growing Food

One overarching theme we can see throughout 2021 backyard landscaping ideas is that people continue to care more about sustainability and its effect on the environment. Having a garden full of whatever fruits and vegetables you can grow goes a long way in reducing your impact on the environment. 

Think about how many car trips to the grocery store you could save by going to your backyard for your tomatoes instead of the nearest Whole Foods. Imagine if everyone had a garden where they grew vegetables. Oh, the possibilities.   

Not to mention, there’s something uniquely satisfying about growing your own produce. You’ll know the feeling once you bite into a freshly chopped cucumber or use fresh basil from your garden to season a homemade pizza. 

Uniform Color Concepts

One of the most modernist trends on this list is the attraction to uniform backyard landscapes. Folks in 2021 are picking a landscape architecture color palette and sticking to it. It makes sense- if you find a color you like, go for it! The switch may seem daunting at first, but you will shock yourself at how fast you convert once you make a few minor tweaks to your existing backyard landscape design. 

For example, choosing a monochromatic theme for all of your planters will get you well on your way toward a delightful, single-colored backyard. Don’t feel too constricted either- the point here is to limit your color palette, not turn your garden into a Soviet-style thicket. 

Online Learning 

Another way homeowners are cutting their maintenance costs is through DIY projects. With the internet at your fingertips, it’s no wonder that people are continuing to try and figure things out on their own, both as hobbies and for cost-saving purposes. 

Good Furniture 

Aside from the living spaces we previously mentioned in this article, a truly immersive backyard landscape has a few best furniture pieces interspersed throughout the grounds. These furniture pieces can be purely decorative or functional. Gaze out and look at how they fit perfectly into your backyard’s natural appeal, or take a stroll and enjoy a quiet read in solitude. 

Whatever your reason for putting furniture in your backyard, you won’t regret it.

Conclusion- The Top Ten Backyard Landscape Ideas 

2021 is upon us, and it’s high time we learned from 2020. That means taking our sustainability more seriously and incorporating eco-friendly practices into our everyday lives, including backyard landscapes.  

Being environmentally conscious shouldn’t be draining. If anything, it should be the opposite. You should take pride in knowing that you’re adding both beauty and responsibility to your backyard. Besides, who doesn’t like feeling closer to nature? 

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