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This Is How to Find a Legit Online Canadian Pharmacy

by Rohan Mathew
This Is How to Find a Legit Online Canadian Pharmacy

Americans have some of the highest drug costs; they spend over $1,200 annually on prescription meds. Without insurance, this number could be a lot higher.

Are you looking to save money on drug costs by shopping online? If so, keep reading to learn how to find a legit online Canadian pharmacy. We’ll also discuss essential things to understand about the process. 

Verify the Address With a Regulatory Authority for Canadian Pharmacies

Legitimate online Canadian pharmacies usually have their business address and other contact information like a phone number or email address listed on their website. Before anything, check the listed address to ensure that it is in a Canadian province and an actual street address.

You can check this address with a pharmacy regulatory group for the territory or the province the pharmacy is in. If the website does not list an address, use the listed contact information (such as the phone number). If no identifying information or contact numbers are listed, this is usually a sign of a fraudulent online pharmacy.

Read the Reviews

Reputable businesses, pharmacies included, often have a spot on their site to leave reviews. Look at the reviews and what customers say about their experiences ordering their prescriptions online. A mix of 4 and 5-star reviews with some lower ratings is typically a sign of an honest retailer.

Look Carefully at the Prices

Perhaps the biggest reason why online pharmacies are so popular is the low cost of prescriptions, especially for people without insurance.

When buying medications from a legit online pharmacy in Canada, you can find savings on prescriptions of 20% to 50% off the average cost. These pharmacy prices are much more affordable and realistic.

However, you need to have a discerning eye when looking at drug prices online.

For example, you might see a drug that would cost you $625 without insurance listed as under $100. Prices like that where it seem “too good to be true” may indicate the site is not trustworthy.

Never Buy Drugs Without a Prescription

If an online Canadian pharmacy allows you to buy drugs without a valid prescription from a doctor or other medical professional, don’t go through with the order. This is a sign they are running an illegal business. If you receive any products, there is no good way to tell if the medication is safe to take.

You should be able to tell that the medication is safe and distributed by a real pharmacy. If you believe you’ve spotted a rogue online Canadian pharmacy, make sure you report it to the property authorities.

That Is How to Find a Legit Online Canadian Pharmacy

Buying discounted prescription drugs online is a great way to save money. Ensure you’re using a legit online Canadian pharmacy by verifying the address, reading the reviews, and taking a close look at the prices. Lastly, only buy from a retailer that requires prescriptions.

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