This Is How to Junk a Car the Right Way

by Janet Brown
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Is there a right way to junk a car?

Your city thinks so. Most municipalities have strict regulations on junk cars. They create an eyesore and a safety hazard.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your old clunker, read on and explore how to junk a car. You’ll do your part to stay on the right side of the people who come up with your city’s ordinances. You might even reduce your contributions to the landfill.

How Do You Know You Have a Junk Car?

When you think about junking a car, how do you define a junked vehicle? For some people, any car past its prime is ripe for the salvage yard.

In reality, age doesn’t mean your car is junk. Junked vehicles usually have so much damage they’re beyond repair. At that point, scrapping the car makes sense.

Be Ready With Answers

Depending on where you junk your car, someone will have a few questions for you to answer. Some junk car buyers employ customer service agents who talk to you on the phone before you bring your car to complete the transaction.

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Location of Junk Car
  • Major Damage
  • Missing Parts

Of course, many junk cars do have significant damage due to accidents, but you’ll also need to reveal fire or flood damage. As far as missing parts, these are the big ones like the transmission, catalytic converter, or engine.

Prepare Your Car for Sale

Make sure you locate the title for the car before committing to junking it. The title is the one thing you have that proves you’re the car’s owner. Most junk car buyers won’t do business without a title.

Next, remove personal belongings. Check the glove box, trunk, and under the seats. Once you sign the title over, you sign over the car’s contents as well.

Finally, take off the license plates. Whether you hang them up in your garage for sentimental reasons, or you break them up and throw them in the trash, just don’t leave them on the vehicle.

How to Junk a Car That Does Not Run

While you’re welcome to drive the car to the place where you plan to sell it, what if that raggedy ride won’t start, or it’s missing the engine?

Most companies that pay cash for cars offer junk car removal. They send a driver to pick up and transport your vehicle and may even do it free of charge.

When you shop around for a place to junk your car, make sure you ask if they accept vehicles with damage. Then ask about towing, and finally, find out how you’ll get paid.

The best scenario is where you get cash on the spot!

Ready to Junk Your Ride?

Now that you know a little more about how to junk a car, you can take the steps needed to bring home the cash. Gather the details, find the title, clean up the car, and call for the tow truck.

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