Top 10 Jewellery Trends of 2020

Jewellery is a very necessary part of your whole look. An outfit without some sort of jewellery seems very plain and just incomplete. Even a pair of tiny studs can make a huge difference.  Different kind of jewellery can make you look totally different even if you are wearing the same outfit.

Amazing, right?

When it comes to artificial jewellery, I like to keep myself updated with the current trends. Stalking Hollywood celebs on the red carpet and taking inspiration from runways models is something I love to do in my leisure time. I was recently searching for trending jewellery styles worn by models on runways. The current jewellery trends totally blew me away. The ideas and creativity put into these pieces of jewellery are remarkable. If you are like me then I’m sure you would love to know about the jewellery that is in fashion these days. Well, don’t you worry.

This article is for you!

So, hop on and add some glamour to your outfit with this trendy bling!

  • Pearl Obsession

Wearing pearl jewellery is not something new. We have been obsessed with them since forever. And guess what! They are still in trend!

This stunning jewellery piece was spotted at Prabal Gurung 2020 Fall Fashion Show and it is oh-so-gorgeous. This makes you want to buy pearl jewellery for yourself? If you love online jewelry shopping, you can buy these beautiful pearl earrings at the online jewellery store of ZeroKaata. You can also find more pearl jewellery styles that might suit your taste on their website.

What are you waiting for? 

Check out ZeroKaata for some amazing artificial jewellery collection.

  • Chunky Chain Accessories

Yes, it’s true!

These oversized chains are this year’s biggest jewellery trend! I have seen many models walk the runway wearing oversized chain necklace and it is absolutely astounding. Through online shopping can bring this kind of jewellery home as well. You can buy this design on the Forever 21’s website.  These heavy-chain jewellery pieces are definitely going to grab a lot of attention as they seem very bold and voguish.  Wearing even a very simple dress with this jewellery can give you a flattering vibe. 

  • Everyday Inspired Jewellery

Is that a pen that Bella Hadid is wearing as an earring?

Yes, it definitely is!

It’s been a trend recently to wear jewellery that looks like everyday objects like safety pins, keys and even razors. Now, this is what I find innovative!

You surely want this runway trend in your wardrobe. Don’t you?

One of the everyday objects that I loved to see as jewellery is safety pins. I’m totally digging the vibe of these beautiful earrings. If you are into online jewelry shopping, you can buy this style by ToniQ on Flipkart. You can even DIY your artificial jewellery. You can just wear a safety pin as a pendant with a long chain and VOILA!

  • Big Hoops

Let’s be honest, hoops are stunning! Even a simple pair of hoops can give your outfit a chic look.  Also, hoops are not a new concept. They have been around for a long time. But there’s something different about them this year.

They are HUGE!

It will give you a very sassy look. And believe me, you can never go wrong with a pair of hoops! Hoops are must-have jewellery and if you didn’t own any till now, you definitely need to! You can buy this specific piece of artificial jewellery on the online jewellery store of ZeroKaata.-

  • Statement Choker

Heavy chokers are totally in trend this year! This kind of jewellery can make you look royal as well as graceful at an event. This sort of jewellery is suitable for any type of grand celebration. Whether it’s a wedding or a festive occasion, you are definitely going to rock it with a statement choker!

  • Single Earring

I love this 2020 jewellery trend. Wearing a heavy piece of earring on one side and nothing on the other is all you need to do.

Sweet, right?

And the best part is that you can do this with the earrings you already have! Just wear one of your dangling earrings on one side and that’s it. I find this trend really incredible and I’m sure you do too. You should give it a try for sure.

  • Mismatch Earrings

This year is all about having your creativity game on and mismatch jewellery is totally one of the innovative ideas. I have seen numerous models on runways wearing earrings that look totally different but similar at the same time. To get those glamorous feels, you need to try this amazing trend too! This pair of earrings is available at Vero Moda’s online jewellery store. The whole vibe of this artificial jewellery is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Dramatic Colourful Jewellery

I spotted this kind of colourful jewellery at London Fashion Week Spring 2020 and was left mesmerized. These are so cool! The best thing about jewellery having multiple colours is that you can wear them with almost any coloured outfit.

You can sport this trend too with some colourful jewellery.  This specific artificial jewellery is made out of wood and is available at the online jewellery store of ZeroKaata.

  • Shell Jewellery

Shell jewellery has a very graceful feel to it. It will surely add more elegance to your whole look. I can totally see why it’s a trend this year. It has a very unique style and a glamourous appeal. Anyone wearing this kind of artificial jewellery is going to look like a diva.  You can buy this gorgeous pair of earrings by 20Dresses on the online jewellery store of Myntra. So, go get some of this alluring bling and become a part of this trend!

  • Shoe Accessory

Lastly, look at this gorgeous shoe accessory!

Jewellery is not only for your ears and neck but for your whole body. This accessory worn on the ankle is drop-dead gorgeous. It is one of the new trends that is going to be just FIRE! So, get your hand on gorgeous shoe accessories soon and be a trend-setter among your friends!

Online jewelry shopping is one of my favourite things! The privilege of buying artificial jewellery through an online jewellery store while sitting at home is the kind of comfort that everyone wants in their lives. And if you are an introvert, this is more of a necessity than a privilege for you. 

Isn’t it?

Well, not only that! 

It is very feasible to buy jewellery online during this COVID-19 situation. After all, it is necessary for you to stay safe at home in these circumstances. Trendy jewellery like these can be easily found on online shopping platforms. Through online shopping India can bring these trendy styles at home.So, shop these trends online and look like a goddess! I hope you liked these trends as much as I did. Let us know which jewellery style you liked the most in the comments below!

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