Top Ways to Save Money for Car Purchase

Saving money for buying a car is something everyone wants to know currently. As time has passed a four-wheeler has become a necessity and not just a luxury. If buying a car in the near future is in your wish list but you are confused on the ways that can help you to save money to spend on your dream car then we have some of the best savings’ ideations for you to follow and save for the luxurious purchase. 

Select your car 

Select your car before hand, it will give you a clear picture on how much money you want to save to pay the down payment or the total amount of money that you will have to spend on the purchase. Having a clear picture of how much money to save for buying a car will make the process easy and smooth. 

Pay in cash 

Yes, pay in cash for the purchase. If it is possible to save money in the way that you can pay money in cash, it will save you good amount of money that you will have to otherwise spend only on the interest that follows the payment. 

Compare your prices 

Before you make a choice for a car, do keep in mind that comparing the prices from its counterparts in the market is a great idea. If your research is strong, you might get a better deal and a better car in the similar range. 

Negotiate – Do not hesitate 

We fear and hesitate to negotiate when buying a car. We urge you to not hesitate and negotiate for the prices that you think are better. The car showrooms do have a discount policy and have a buffer for negotiation. Do try the same. 

Sell your old car 

If you are about to buy a new car and you already have an old one. To save money you can sell your old car and pay the down payment for the new one with the same. This is a ninja technique to save a good chunk of money while buying a new car. 

Open savings Account with good interest

While the planning to save money to buy a car has begun, open a zero balance savings account in bank that provides good amount of interest and save your money for buying a car in the same account. The interest earned on the fund saved can be the extra amount you did not have to earn and save for the dream car.

Consider financing options 

If you do not want to spend a lot of money in a go. You can always look for financing options that are available in the market and buy the car on loan. Most of the showrooms these days assist their customers to get a good financing option from their end. 

Read the fine print on loan 

Reading the fine print of the loan document is a must. You must look thoroughly into each detail of interest, payment timings and any other details responsibly. Once you sign the document there is no going back

Look for multiple dealers 

If you like a car from x brand and you go to only one showroom for its price you might not get the best price. We would suggest you go to different dealers of the same brand and check for the prices and opt for the one who gives you the car in the best price. 

You can also opt for second-hand cars

If you want a car but you do not have that kind of funds. There are many second – hand car options that you can look for. This will save you a fortune worth amount. The one thing that you must take care of that the automobile is in the best of condition before you spend your hard-earned cash. 


Janet Brown