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Types of projects excavators are used for

by Jordan Warner
Types of projects excavators are used for

Whenever you see a figure of an excavator on the internet you instantly get a feeling of the construction industry. That’s the reason that a lot of construction companies have excavator clipart in their emblem. No doubt, the excavator is the most valuable piece of equipment on any type of construction project. With its versatile nature, it can help in countless projects with efficiency and effectiveness. It gives you the power to complete heavy-duty at-site jobs like digging trenches, holes, and foundation.

Because there are many applications of excavators in the construction field and so is there different types of excavators available in the market to choose from. Each type of excavator is specialized and fits best in a certain area of work or project. So, to cope up well with the requirements of your project, you have to understand the requirement of your project. This post deals with the different nature of construction projects to let you understand well your project requirements.


It is without a doubt that an excavator hire is the best machines for the demolition projects of small buildings. One of the basic reasons for its extensive use in such types of projects is its ability to perform several different tasks. You can even use different attachments with the excavators like rational grapples, pulverizers, steel shear, and impact breakers.

Building Construction

Building construction projects include lifting of heavy equipment as well as excavating the foundation trenches. If you’re working in a narrow urban site where there are space constraints, you can excavate the foundation without much hassle with a mini-excavator or with a hydro-vac excavation.


For mining projects, you need a heavyweight excavator that can move thousands of tonnes of excavated material in a short duration. In many mining projects, we’ve seen some of the largest excavators in the world. These excavators have the versatility of being fitted with either a backhoe bucket or a loading shovel. It also has to be of high rated engine capacity to offer maximum efficiency during work.

Landscaping Projects

While you’re in a landscaping project, you need to excavate the site or clear the land for decorative features. Similarly, you need to do grading or making tree-planting holes; all such applications need a good excavator. But in most of the landscaping projects, clients need you to undertake the project without much disturbance to the property and with tight space, you should consider a mini excavator hire. This will allow you to easily enter the backyard without moving fence sections and operate easily.

Road Construction

While you’re working on a road or highway project, you need to make reaches, level the subgrade, and spread gravel base. This and many other jobs require ample power and strength that is only possible with an efficient excavator. The excavator with hammer attachments is also handy in breaking through hard rock or cement during road excavation.

River Dredging

 For dredging and maintenance of the river, you need a long reach excavator that can be planted at the bank of the water body and can easily dredge mud from the river bed. Dredging is an important project that can prevent erosion and damage.

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