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What Can You Do With a Career in Textile Design?

by Rohan Mathew
What Can You Do With a Career in Textile Design?

Are you a fan of fashion or clothing? Looking to get pursue a career in it? If so, you might consider becoming a textiles designer. 

Textile designers create designs for all manner of fabrics, from bedsheets to yarn to carpet to tablecloths and more. They tend to be heavily involved in all processes of textile design, from marketing to manufacturing and more. 

There are many jobs in the textiles field, each of which offers its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and responsibilities. Curious as to what you can do with a career in textiles and fabrics? Then read on because we’re going to discuss some of the top options below. 


Weavers are responsible for making textiles out of yarn and other materials. They take designs and turn them into a reality.

The is a hands-on position in which you must operate machinery. It can often be obtained without any advanced education. 

Furniture Designer

Most modern furniture contains textiles of some kind. Obviously, somebody has to design those textiles. This is where the textile designer comes in. 

This career will have you designing textiles for chairs, footrests, couches, and other types of furniture. The key will be to find employment with a local or national furniture manufacturer. 

Bedding Designer 

The bedding industry is a gigantic one, as it supplies not only every house in the world but hotels and other commercial properties as well. As you know, all bedding has its own aesthetic flare. It’s the textile designer, of course, who gives it that flare. 

So, whether you’re interested in drawing up intricate styles for a pillowcase or mono-colored styles for a comforter, becoming a bedding designer is a good way to establish yourself in the world of textile design. 

Carpet Designer

Though it’s not quite as popular as it once was, carpet is still a fairly common flooring material. It’s also, of course, made out of textiles. What this means is that it’s designed by a textile designer. 

So, if you’re interested in designing residential carpets, office carpets, or otherwise, this is a career you might pursue. 

Bag Designer

Are you a fan of attractive purses, handbags, bookbags, and the like? If so, you should consider becoming a bag designer. This will put you in a position to draw up bag designs of your own. 

There are all kinds of bag manufacturers out there, all of which need textile designers. Nike, Kate Spade, Jansport, and Gucci are just a few of the companies you could work for. 

Fashion Designer

One of the most popular textile design jobs is the job of a fashion designer. Fashion designers design clothing, ranging in everything from athletic wear to swimwear to formal wear and otherwise. 

There are all sorts of fashion design jobs out there, though they usually have a lot of competition. So, throw together a solid textile design portfolio and start sending out applications. You’ll snag your dream job soon enough. 

Luxury Designer

Another option is to design luxury items. These run the gamut from high-end furniture to high-end wallpaper to high-end clothing and the like. These are difficult jobs to obtain but can pay handsomely. 

If you want to become a luxury designer, you’ll need to make the proper connections and work your way up the ladder. You’ll also need to build a portfolio of exceedingly high-quality work. 

Freelance Designer

The further you get into your career and the more connections you make, the better chance you have of striking out on your own and becoming a freelance textile designer. This is essentially just a hired gun who draws up designs for his or her own clients. 

Some freelance designers focus on one type of product while others work in industries of all kinds. When you’re a freelancer, the world is your oyster. 

Quality Assurance Manager for Textile Manufacturing

Maybe you’re not so much into creating textile designs as you’re into ensuring the quality of those designs. If so, you could become a quality assurance manager for textile manufacturing. 

These individuals supervise the creation and manufacturing of textiles to ensure that they’re up to snuff. They are the final line of defense before the textiles are packaged and sent out onto the open market. 

Note, these individuals often need to obtain a Master’s Degree in Textile Design. This is because they carry much greater responsibility than some of the other professionals on this list. 

Textile Marketing Manager

Like all products, textiles need to be marketed. If you’re interested in the realm of marketing for textiles, you could work your way to becoming a textile marketing manager. 

Those who pursue this route should take marketing courses in addition to their textile design courses. If you’re really interested in this position, you should consider getting a Master’s Degree. 

Textiles Designer Educational Options

Some of the careers discussed above can be entered without an advanced education. However, many of them require such. There are a few different educational options for those interested in textile design, including the following. 


Perhaps the best option is to enroll at a university. Many colleges provide textile design degrees that give students a well-rounded education on the ins and outs of textile designing. These degrees will have you taking knitwear classes, computer design classes, design history classes, and the like. 

Some of these degrees can be obtained in 2 years, though most will take 4. If you want to go above and beyond in the field, you can also pursue a Master’s Degree in Textile Design. 

Vocational School

Some vocational schools provide courses on textile design. These courses may not be as rigorous as those provided at universities but they will help you to get a primer for what the career entails. 

Looking for Information on Other Careers?

Now that you know a thing or two about becoming a textiles designer, you might be interested in learning about other careers. If so, you’re in the right place. Our website has information on careers of all kinds. 

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