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What Does Super Mario 3D All-Stars Offer the Mario Fans?

by Altaf Shaikh
What Does Super Mario 3D All-Stars Offer the Mario Fans?

No video game iconic character is so much celebrated, loved, and enjoyed as Mario. The small and stout mustachio man created by Nintendo has been a darling in the gaming industry since the 80s. No matter if you are a 90s kid, a millennial, or one born in the past decade, you cannot miss this iconic character if you are an avid player. The moustache plumber mascot was a darling and is still a darling for many avid video gaming lovers. He has featured in several games starting from the 2D sideways movement titles to kart racing and in the role-playing modern-day avatar.

35 Years of Super Mario Boss

2020 is the year that marks the 35th anniversary of the gaming force called Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Entertainment Systems, a Japanese gaming platform, brought this video game series to the gaming consoles. There is no better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary than launching a Super Mario 3D All-Stars game. 

The unique thing about this new launch from Nintendo is that it has a compilation of the three 3D adventures from different eras. You can play it on Nintendo Switch. The fans of this series will love to own such a complication that includes the very popular Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64. The divisive title in this series is Super Mario Sunshine, a sequel to 64. All the plumber character fans should be an excited bunch after reading this news. They can now play three of the popular ones on the Switch console for the very first time.  

Super Mario 64 Steals the Show

The most popular and enjoyable title for the avid followers among the three must be Super Mario 64. This is the first title that brought the most loved plumber character into the 3D realm. It gave a unique and interesting playing experience to video gaming fans. This title was a major force that started the 3D play revolution and showed the world what the three-dimensional realm can bring to gaming. The transition from the two-dimensional to the three-dimension platform was very smooth and seamless. The new acrobatic moves that came out in the 64 version gave more power and control to this famous character. 

What Does the Sunshine Theme Have to Offer?

The plumber and his team take a good break at a resort on a tropical island to unwind and relax after their hectic heroics. They have done enough to foil the evil attempts of the Browser. They are now cooling their legs at Delfino. But, this vacation does not last the distance as the plumber is called back again for some lively action. He again takes the role of the superhero and the picturesque Delfino Island in the area where this game unfolds. The Sunshine did not work as the other series titles. Nintendo is hoping that this particular title gets more fans through this compilation.  

It is set in a colourful land vibrant island setting. To match with the themes, the moustache character adorns a jet pack that also has a water-cannon called FLUDD all through the game. This makes for some interesting gaming. The quality is a bit lacking in this title. It failed to impress the plumber fanatics. The quality and the play are some of the reasons for its poor rating. The play is lacklustre and loosely packed. It is not a game worth trying for the plumber aficionados. There are better titles on this popular character than the Sunshine game. Hence, it is the weakest title in this 3 series compilation released by Nintendo for the Switch users. 

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Super Mario Galaxy – The Best   

If Super Mario 64 is the cake, then this title is the icing on the cake. It is the best among the three compilations that Nintendo has brought out in the 3D version for the avid players. This title is the best in the entire catalogue. From the name, you can understand that this game is set in space. The plumber is on a space mission that has a very attractive design, graphics, and immersive gameplay. The developers used the free hand given to them to break away from the gravity locks and create some of the unseen surprises in the space. The fans can find themselves in an engaging and riveting world when they play this Nintendo Galaxy version on Switch.

First All-Stars 3D Compilation 

This is the second All-Stars compilation release of their popular plumber version. The first one was released in 1993, and it had 4 Mario games in the 2D environment. The 3D version targets the modern generation. The redesign was done to make full use of the latest hardware to offer graphics-rich content with high resolution.  

Closing Thoughts 

The inclusion of Super Mario 64 and Galaxy titles has made this compilation a good one for all the diehard plumber character fans. Sunshine does come with its joyful moments, but the other 2 games steal the show. It is a must-try for all the gaming fans who have not tried these classics even once. With the 3D environment, it is a different ball game. Those who have only played the 2D versions can now look forward to trying out the All-Stars three-dimensional version. This series is hard to ignore for all those looking for a serious alternative to the wide action and bloodshed games in the gaming market.

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