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Get your trademark registered by Professionals

by Altaf

A trademark can be a phrase, word, symbol, or amalgamation of all. It helps people recognize a brand, its products, and its services to the customers. Everyone should follow the Trademark registration process as prescribed in the Trademark Act, 1999.  

Anyone can easily recognize any Apple device just by a glimpse of the ‘half-eaten apple,’ or there is a Macdonald store just by the glance of the symbol ‘M’ in a precise way.

These trademarks develop the brand’s identity and carry the prestige of the business all over the world. 

Trademark registration helps these organisations control others from disproportionate benefits of these logos. Once registered, trademarks can be used for ten years; after that, they may renew them for the same period once again. Hence, as long as you keep renewing your trademark, your business will receive protection. 

What can a company trademark? 

Most businesses trademark their brand name as a foremost step in safeguarding their brand and its importance. Other than the company name, trademark laws in India permit enterprises to record a trademark in the following manner: 

  1. Letters and words 
  2. Number 
  3. Unique Phrase 
  4. Graphics 
  5. Logo 
  6. Sound Mark 
  7. Smell or a combination of colors 

How can a Trademark Expert Be Hired For Registration Procedure?

You can hire a professional for trademark registration through QuickCompany. The trademark registration filing usually takes three days, and the cost starts from Rs. 6499 per class.

The professional will also conduct a trademark search for you to confirm the availability of the logo for registration within one hour.

The benefits of hiring a trademark professional involve:

  • A systematic process and flawless filing to avoid any kind of objection and chances of rejection.
  • A professional guarantees the proper management of the whole procedure, which enables you to concentrate on other parts such as business operations, marketing etc.
  • Choosing QuickCompany gets you – Trademark search results, online submission of documents, filing within 24 hours of booking the service, and tracking the application throughout the procedure till the Authority approves it.
  • If any objection is raised, or later, for renewal procedure, the experts on QuickCompany take care of all the relevant formalities.

Trademark Office:

The Trademark Registration chief office is in Kolkata and has chapters in the following places: 

  • Delhi 
  • Ahmedabad 
  • Chennai  
  • Mumbai

 Authority to File Trademark Applications

 After registration, whoever records their identity in the Trademark Registration form will become the trademark owner. Hence, it is recommended to have an approved signatory of the corporate files for the trademark. 

Indian Intellectual Property law permits individuals, businesses, and even Limited Liability Partnerships to file a trademark application. 

 The process of Filing of the Trademark Application 

 Trademark applicants can file registrations both offline and online:

 Offline filing

Here, you have to submit the trademark application physically to the Registrar’s Office of Trademarks. The validation procedure may take 15 to 20 days, and after that, you will acquire a declaration receipt. 

Online filing

The e-filing of the Trademark application may be accomplished via the government’s website and deliver an instant permit for disclosure. Once you accept this declaration tag, you can initiate using the ™ sign beside your trademark. 

If your mark is rejected, you will obtain another opportunity to file a second SPICe application without bearing extra charges. Hence, all applicants obtain two chances to apply without paying extra. 

Post Verification Process

 Upon confirmation, the Registrar will issue the trademark in the Indian Trade Mark Journal. The office will then wait for 90 days to see if someone opposes the granting of the mark, following which you will receive your trademark registration certificate. Once you receive the certificate, you may start using the ® symbol along with the trademark. 


Description: Trademarks are an essential part of any company’s brand uniqueness as it permits them to stand separated from its competitors. Trademark registration is essential to rescue business goodwill. As trademark registration involves several procedures that must strictly follow the prescribed rules, you can take the help of the trademark experts.

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