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What You Can Expect at Halfway Houses in Seattle, Washington

by Paresh Bramhane
What You Can Expect at Halfway Houses in Seattle, Washington

A sobering statistic is nearly one in 10 Americans is addicted to either alcohol or drugs. This is worrying indeed. The effects of addiction trouble not just the user but also their friends and family, who often are left bewildered at how to extend help and support.

How a Halfway House helps

This house is named quite appropriately as it comes in between medical deaddiction and complete sobriety. A Halfway house in Seattle, Washington helps people who have either come here on their own accord to leave the life of addiction behind or those who have been ordered by the court to do so.

With a warm atmosphere of support and encouragement, halfway houses, whether in Seattle, Washington, or any other US state, assist former addicts to refrain from relapse and gain the societal skills to enter mainstream society again.

What to expect here

These houses offer the best help and care a person can hope to get in their troubled times of recuperation from detoxification. The immense popularity of these houses is because they succeed in their mission to help the residents enjoy the thrill and normalcy of sober living in Washington.

One of the biggest reasons why these houses are able to help their residents so effectively is their adherence to the set rules and regulations. Every single resident is expected to abide by them and violation is met with expulsion. 

Let us understand some of these rules here:

  1. Each house has certain visitation timings that are followed strictly. 
  2. There is a stipulated number of visitors that each resident can meet. This number has to be prior-approved by the house staff. These visitors could be immediate family members or attorneys.
  3. A dress code is in place for visitors in most houses, which is drafted according to local rules.
  4. Most halfway houses in Washington are very strict about the type of items that can be brought along on a visit. This is to ensure that the resident is not exposed to temptation and subsequent relapse.
  5. Some houses allow residents to keep mobile phones while some don’t. 
  6. Residents are expected to gain full-time employment or volunteer somewhere.
  7. Fighting or stealing is not allowed in the house.
  8. In almost all houses, permission to reside is given only post a drug test. When in residence, everyone is expected to submit themselves to random drug testing.
  9. Most sober living homes have a list of household chores that each resident is expected to do. Inspections to check the same are done daily and violators are given a warning if they fail to perform these.
  10. All residents are expected to attend therapy sessions and recovery meetings.

With Washington halfway houses, former addicts know there is help at hand. If you feel you need a new lease on life and require assistance, there is ample help open to you. You just have to contact a house and ask for support.

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