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What You Need in Order to Improve Lumbar Support

by Ragini Salampure
What You Need in Order to Improve Lumbar Support

Did you know that sitting improperly for so long can end up causing you to develop chronic pain? It’s true, and all the more reason to take steps to protect your back and body. 

When you know what you need in order to improve lumbar support, you can look forward to a healthier, stronger back.

Unfortunately, many people get into bad habits, such as poor posture when sitting or standing. If you find that you’ve fallen into bad habits, use the following guide to help you turn things around for the better.

Support Your Back When Seated

One of the most fundamental steps you can take in your quest to improve lumbar support is to give your back plenty of support whenever you are seated. 

How can you go about achieving this? There are a few methods, actually. But when you implement all of them into your daily routine, you will enjoy the maximum benefits. 

The first thing you should do is invest in a lumbar support pillow. This will provide your back with the support it needs to relieve pressure and reduce pain. What’s more, a lumbar support pillow serves to alleviate pain in key areas, such as the middle, upper, and lower portions of your back. 

And because the cushion is made of memory foam, it conforms to the unique shape of your back. Moreover, the cushion retains its shape after each use. This means it returns to its original shape and never becomes flat and unusable.

This in itself is a huge benefit that ensures the longevity of your lumbar support pillow. This will allow you to enjoy lasting comfort and support since your cushion is able to function at its highest level.

Bend Your Knees When Seated

It’s easy to let your body slouch when you are seated for extended periods of time. But when you have a lumbar support cushion in place, you are more apt to sit correctly and safely.

Another key method you can implement to improve your lumbar support is to bend your knees when seated. Keeping your knees bent with your feet flat will greatly reduce pressure on your spine. It’s best to try to maintain a 90° angle in your knees, all the while keeping your feet perfectly flat against the floor.

You might have to adjust your chair’s height to get your knees and feet where you need them. Your goal should be to get your hips to where they are equal height with your knees or only slightly higher. This will help reduce pressure on your lumbar.

If your chair isn’t adjustable, using a footrest will also allow you to bend your knees as needed to achieve relief. You want to make sure that your footrest isn’t too tall or too short. Instead, you want it to be just right to where your knees are allowed to bend over so slightly to achieve a 90° angle.

Anything above or below this could cause you unnecessary back pain and discomfort.

Maintain Optimal Posture

As mentioned above, it’s important to have excellent posture when seated. A lumbar support pillow coupled with bent knees will go a long way in ensuring optimal posture. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on them to keep your back straight.

Instead, practice regularly checking your posture and adjusting your body accordingly. Your ears should be to where they are above your shoulders. If they aren’t, it’s a good indication that you are slouching. 

If you need some assistance with this, try adjusting your monitor if you work at a computer. Your monitor’s height should be even with your eyes. If you have to look up or down at your screen, it will likely cause you to slouch.

When your monitor is even with your eyes, your head will rest in a natural position that looks straight ahead. This will help to ensure that you are sitting up straight and with good posture. 

Practicing these tips in unison will give you the support you need through proper posture, thus reducing pressure from your spine and improving lumbar support. 

Improved Lumbar Support Means Greater Comfort

As you strive to improve your lumbar support, it’s important to practice the above tips as often as possible. Leaving out just one tip will result in you not getting the full benefits in your back and body. 

Therefore, keep utilizing each method until it becomes a habit. Soon, you will notice your posture getting better and your pain and discomfort subsiding. 

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