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Where to Get your US Trucking License

by Rohan Mathew
Where to Get your US Trucking License

Recently starting a trucking company or getting a job as a trucker among US residents has begun to trend. In fact, a lot of people immigrate to the US every year to join the trucker force or start their own trucking company. 

Before you start, you should know that the US trucking industry is heavily regulated. There are a lot of things you need to check out prior to starting, and it won’t be an easy journey. 

Many hopefuly truckers end up hugely disappointed as they didn’t have the appropriate certificates, licenses or logistics software in place when they began their trucking journey. Today, we’ll talk about all the things you need to do to get the appropriate certificates and ensure you do things right from the start. 

Where to Get your US Trucking License?

You’ll get your US trucking license from FMCSA. The FMCSA is part of the US department of transportation, and the focus of this department is developing and implementing federal safety standards for vehicles like a truck. It also funds all the states in the US for inspecting roadside trucks and other programs aiming to maximize safety. 

Step 1:

Firstly, you need a commercial driver’s license. These are also known as CDLs. If your drivers don’t acquire a commercial driver’s license, they won’t be able to drive vehicles like trucks. 

When you go to acquire one of these, they will check the background of you or your driver, and then there will be a CDL training followed by a written exam and driving test. The examinee must be 18 years old at least and must pass all of these exams to get the CDL certificate. 

It must be noted that you need to be 21 years old at least to travel interstate driving a truck. You’ll find CDL manuals in most general motor store, and you’ll find all the necessary information there. 

Step 2:

You need the DOT and MC Numbers. The DOT number tracks the safety record of your company, and the Motor Carrier Authority number tracks the type of business you’re running. 

Step 3:

Once you get the DOT and MC numbers, you can use those to get your UCR number, which can verify insurance coverage. 

Step 4:

The next thing you’ll need to get is an IRP tag that will allow your trucks to travel and work in every US state. 

Step 5:

Heavy tax is applied to every vehicle weighing over fifty-five thousand pounds. You must submit a 2290 tax form to IRS every year. 

Step 6:

You need to obtain an IFTA, and this decal will help your company get a definite fuel license for all the trucks.  

Step 7:

To gain the ability to operate inter-state, you need to submit a BOC-3 form. Through this, you’ll get a legal agent in all states. 

Step 8:

The final step is getting a SCAC or standard carrier alpha code. 


Once you get all the mentioned papers and certificates, you’re good to go with your trucking company and can start investigating how to integrate key technologies and software to help run your new company more efficiently. 

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