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7 Creative At Home Activities For Kids In 2020: By Who Is Natasha Beck Married To

by Altaf Shaikh
7 Creative At Home Activities For Kids In 2020 By Natasha Beck

With this global pandemic going on, your kids have a lot of free time at home. Where this indefinite hiatus has brought our social lives to a stop, this can also be a great opportunity for you to have your kids work an themselves. There are lots of creative activities that your kids can do at home to enhance their physical and mental growth. In this article, we are going to talk about some of these activities as explained by Natasha Beck.

Natasha Beck owns and runs Dr organic mommy and is a mother of 3 kids. She is married to Brandon Beck and loves to share her knowledge on parenting and motherhood. She likes to do gardening in her free time and is passionate about helping first-time parents and especially moms take better care of their babies.

In one of her blog posts on her website, she talks about some of the most creative activities that you can have your kids do to make the best use of their time during this quarantine. Here are some of the things she talks about in her blog

1. Arts & Crafts

Getting your kids to do arts and crafts projects is the best way of helping them develop their sense of creativity and expand their imagination. They can paint draw and create things from scratch. This would give them the confidence to deal with the challenges of life that they would inevitably have to face in the future.

2. Science Projects

You can find age appropriate DIY science projects and experiments online and have your kids try out these harmless experiments at home. You will be acting as their supervisor during the whole time. This routine would help them develop love and curiosity for science. This could also act as a game changer for your kids in terms of their future goals and aspirations.         

3. Baking

You can also have your kids help you with baking and cooking at home. If your kid likes helping you around, give them every chance to do so. It would be a great bonding opportunity for you and your child, and they’d get to see a different side of you. You can teach them how to use different kitchen appliances which would prove to be quite handy for them in the future.

4. Music

Buy your kid a musical instrument of their choice and let them learn to play. You don’t have to force it. In fact, if you try to compel them to learn an instrument, they won’t feel motivated enough to go through with it. Observe your kid and ask them about what they would want to play. Get them a musical instrument of their choice and let them go all out.

5. Reading

Reading is one of most important habits that you have go to teach your kids. And not just academic books, you need to get them to develop interest into books outside of their school life. You can get stories, novels or other extracurricular books for them. They would get to develop an interest in learning which would go a long way for them.

6. Learning a Different Language

Teach them another language just for the sake of it. This would get them to learn about a culture that is different than the ones that they live in. It would expand their mind and they’d see just how vast this world is. Learning a new language is fun and kids are much better at it than adults.

7. Creative Games

You can get your kids to play all kinds of creative games at home to help developed their reasoning and cognitive abilities. There are puzzles and obstacle games available online that you can get for your kids. Let them think and figure the solutions for a problem themselves. It would help them become more solution oriented and would get also get them to explore their mental abilities.

These are just some of the things that you can try out at home. You can visit Natasha’s Blog to learn more details about at home activities that you can get your kids to do. Make sure to get your kids to try out an at home activity of their choice to make the most out of this time in quarantine.

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