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Why you Need Chinese Translation Services

by Purva Jagtap
Why you Need Chinese Translation Services

In this era of globalization, no country can survive alone. Some countries are bestowed with more resources than other countries. Therefore, they require the help of each other to survive. But how can they help each other and how can they take advantage of each other’s skills when every country is speaking a different language. Here comes the importance of translation services. For example, China is the second-largest economy in the world, and to tap into the Chinese market, you need to go for Professional translation services. 

One of the lucrative industries in China is the gaming industry. People opt to use products and services that are in their native language. Therefore, to penetrate the Chinese gaming industry, you require video game translation services.

Why Translation is Important

Although English is a global language it does not mean you ignore the people that speak other languages. China is home to a large population but to your surprise, English is spoken in only small towns. Moreover, if a person can speak some English well, it does not mean he can cope with all business situations well. Therefore, to cater to the Chinese market you have to translate your business content into the Chinese language. It is better to hire a professional translation company. Professional translation companies can provide you with translation according to your business requirements.

People Want to be Communicated in Their Native language

English is a widely spoken language. This notion is true if you take a second language into consideration. The important thing to remember is that people best respond to their native language. If you want to sell your products in a foreign market then it is necessary to speak a language that they understand. According to the Common-Sense Advisory, 75% of customers prefer to buy products and services that are in their native language. Also, research from Indian market research company JuxtConsult revealed that around three-quarters of Indian consumers prefer content in their first language.  Therefore, if you want to sell your products and services in China then you have to translate your content into the Chinese language.

China Video Game Industry

Do you want to invest in the lucrative gaming industry in China? In China, people are earning a handsome amount of money from video games and mobile apps. Let’s have a look at some important aspects of the Chinese market so that you can release your games easily in the Chinese market.

  • You should be aware of the fact that China is a mobile-first country. Therefore, it has the world’s largest mobile subscriber base. Mobile games and esports have undergone phenomenal growth.  
  • In China, the important app used is WeChat and Chinese people can play video games without installing other apps. So, playing video games is very easy and it is considered an important part of social media. Moreover, it has many followers in the country.
  • Mobile games will leave behind PC games and console gaming. 5G network and fast internet speed are giving the mobile game industry great leverage.
  • Many foreign companies are tapping into the Chinese gaming industry by making huge investments or by getting shares in other companies.
  • People consider video games a real sport in China.

Game Translation in China

The biggest problem that games developers face in China is considering cultural elements. For this, they have to understand how much to foreignize and how much to domesticate the products. Furthermore, they have to analyze whether they have to translate names, places, and characters. 

The bad brand translation that occurred in the Chinese market is of Coca-Cola. Its translated version means to bite a wax tadpole. Therefore, to mitigate such translation errors, you should hire a professional translation company so that it can provide you with seamless results. 

Games that are named after western celebrities don’t get popular in the Chinese market. No doubt that Chinese players do enjoy Western titles but they prefer localized content. Therefore, apart from translation, if you localize your game, you will win the hearts of many Chinese gamers.

Important Points to Know

Words like Okay, WC, CEO are some common words used in China so if you use them in English then it does not matter. The Translation companies that are providing video game translation services know about appropriate words. Moreover, they also know that games containing elements like drugs, blood, skulls, gambling, and any content that defames the Chinese army and government are banned in China.

Wrapping Up

Tapping into the largest video game market of China requires a lot of hard work and investment. This hard work and investment can be channelized well if you hire a reliable translation partner that can provide you with seamless video game translation services at a swift turnaround time and economical rates.

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