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Write amazing essays that everyone will love to read by following these simple tips

by Purva Jagtap

An essay is something very common for school students. An essay is a lot in your school years but the essay you do in your college is completely different. The format and all, everything is different from the essay you used to do in school. College-level essays are important to learn as you will have to do them a lot for your college scholarships and admissions. Even if your grades aren’t good, a well-written essay can get you into your dream college. Yes! Essays are this valuable. This is why you should try your best and master essay writing skills so you can get into whatever college you want to.

The obvious thing you should know about college level essays is that there are two styles of them. Persuasive and informative, they both serve different purposes. You will be given either one of them to write about and before you do, you should get to know what the essays are and what you should write about.

A persuasive essay is when you try to convince the reader to adopt your point of view. You will somehow have to convince the reader by putting up arguments and supporting sentences with it. This will make the essay look more interesting for the reader to read because of which they will pay attention to your arguments.

When writing an informative essay, you will have to write about it in the form of a question and tell your readers everything they need to know about the topic you’re writing on. This type of essay is usually done in school because it’s considered easier than a persuasive essay. And it is because writing about the information given on the internet is not hard at all. Presenting your arguments in a way that the reader adopts your point is considered hard in college.
Follow these simple tips and write the best essays out there;

Draft it
The first thing you should do before you get to writing is to draft your essay using the information you’ve about the topic. Try to also gather support sentences to support your arguments. Drafting makes it easier to write the whole essay as everything will be plotted when you get to writing.

Interesting introduction
An important thing about essay writing is its introduction. People will get their eyes on the introduction first because it will be the first part of the essay. You should try to make it interesting and maybe watch some videos on how to make your essay introduction interesting. You can also get writing help from your classmates on this, maybe they can help you with it if they’re good at essay writing.

Keep your sentences short
When a writer gets too wordy when describing things, readers get bored as no one likes to read a whole paragraph about one single thing. Try to keep your sentences short as it’s easier to understand. And don’t get too wordy when describing things, just be straightforward when describing things.

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