10 Easy Design Tips in Shopify to Improve Conversion Rates

Rohan Mathew

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Your online web store design plays a crucial role in attracting visitors. The elements of your online store’s website pages must be perfectly placed to catch users’ attention. There are several ways you can entice your visitors to convert them into customers, and one of the ways is developing an appealing user experience.

The landing page is created specifically for a marketing campaign or to generate paid traffic, whereas the home page is designed for people who already know the business. Besides these two pages, the product page is the third web page that brings conversion. Once all the elements of the pages are designed and placed together, the optimization plays its part.

An experienced Shopify design agency works upon conversion rate optimization (CRO) for maximum conversions. CRO includes everything from adding a pop-up advertisement, signing up for the newsletter, social sharing a product, writing feedback, rating the product, to finally making a purchase.

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Ten tips from an expert Shopify design agency to optimize your client’s online store web page design to improve conversion rate:

1. Focus on User-centric Design

To understand the customers’ needs and their pain points, you need to think like a customer. Understanding your customers allows you to tailor design your web page that best meets their requirements. You can talk to real users to understand their needs. You can even create personas on social channels to get an idea of what they desire and add features you can add to improve conversion rates.

2. Write Relevant Content on the Landing page

A landing page is a marketing strategy to attract visitors. Its content should be written in a clear tone and must address all that a customer wishes to know about the business. Use exact phrases or words that the customers are looking for. Having the right information on the landing page can drastically boost conversion rates.

3. Avoid Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text usually used by designers in laying out the design when clients aren’t able to supply the real content. Always design your pages with real content instead of dummy content. Ask your client to provide you the actual content and follow the approach that focuses on adapting the content-first design.

4. Add Whitespace on Product Page

A loud design with an obnoxious promotional pop-up going off every 3 seconds can frustrate a customer to an extent. The product page must show the product and its details clearly. Whitespace gives the product page a minimalistic, clean look, giving visitors visual breaks to process design, and easy to focus. It helps draw attention to the page’s actual content and can arguably help increase conversion rates.

5. Create an Eye-catching Masthead

A masthead is a graphic image or text title used at the top of a web page that identifies a particular page or website. It should be designed, keeping the content of the page in mind. An eye-catching masthead can leave a powerful impression on the potential customers and increase conversion rates exponentially.

6. Add HD and Real Image of Products

Product appearance is the main factor that garners all the users’ attention. Adding an original image of the product is the most significant selling point for any business. A clear, large, HD image with a zoom option can increase conversion rates on the product page. Not just it attracts customers, a good picture allows a user to share it with others as well. It’s a smart way to stand out of the crowd and mark your uniqueness, leading to substantially more sales.

7. Optimize Design for Mobile

eCommerce is now M-Commerce, and most of the sales are expected to be on mobiles only. Shopify eCommerce helps you easily configure a mobile responsive design. A Shopify design agency can streamline all the text, images, and other elements, and tie all aspects together to boost sales.

8. Add Ratings and Reviews on Product Page

Ratings and reviews are essential elements of an eCommerce website that helps a customer close the deal. A customer that reads a review before making a purchase is likely to buy the product. Always add a provision on the website for customers to give feedback and ratings. It should be easy to add and display a review/rating on the product page. The conversion rate of customers who read reviews is higher than customers who don’t engage with reviews.

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9. Add Site Search Feature

Site searching indicates that a user wants to buy a product and narrows down the search item to make a purchase. You can refine the search functionality by adding error tolerance for spellings, auto-complete, suggestions, synonyms for product names, etc.

10. Add a Live Chat Feature

It is often seen that if a visitor needs assistance with a product, they are likely to buy it. Offer live chat support to the visitors. Live chat support should be available on all your product pages to provide information about the product, discounts, offers, and policies. A happy customer is likely to buy the item if the information that is need is provided at the same time.


Keep these ten tips while designing your client’s website to increase your sales on Shopify. Creating a perfect online store needs research on consumer behaviors and requirements. A well-versed Shopify design agency analyzes and modifies the web pages to get more conversion rates and, resulting in happier customers. .