Football API: All you need to know about it 

Football is the most popular sport and it is played widely all over the world. Football is one of the sports that is recognized and played at international levels and the matches are held in various countries that take part in. Football is played widely and the matches are watched by people all over the […]

How to choose the right air track mat?

When you think of an inflatable gymnastics track mat, your thoughts may go to gymnastics and cheerleading. But you should know that this mat is also perfect for perfecting movements in sports like martial arts and parkour. If you’re ready to buy an air track mat but aren’t sure which one to choose yet, this […]

Review for NBA 2K on PC terminal

The NBA 2K series are gorgeous when it just came out and its quality about detail is just better than any other competitors. However, as a fan of NBA 2K on PC terminal, I collect several disadvantages of it, and let’s have this review for its PC terminal series. If you want its mobile version, […]

The W88 Approach to Sports Management from a Business Perspective

Behind the dazzling lights of the stadium, the glistening trophies from world championships, and the larger-than-life sports heroes that are powered by diehard fans, the sports industry is a massive business that requires the best and brightest personnel to continue running successfully. That’s why W88 always focuses on selecting experienced sports management experts.  Sports Management […]