12 Reasons Why Electronic Number Plates Are Useful

Rohan Mathew

In December two years before, Reviver Auto presented a unique development for the automotive world- a digital license plate. Since then, the electronic number plate became popular. Number plates of the cars have remained unchanged for 134 years, since the very birth of the automobile industry.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the time has come to replace the stamped metal numbers with sleek displays that perfectly match modern and stylish vehicles’ design. Electronic signs are called R-Plates or digital license plates. Let’s figure out in this article how digital number plates are better than the old ones.

How Digital Number Plate Works

Electronic numbers are slightly thicker and heavier than regular metal numbers, but the installation procedure is similar. The manufacturer’s presentation clearly shows that the electronic plate consists of 5 main components:

  • Safety glass 
  • Monochrome display
  • Plastic frame-base
  • Frame with control board and battery
  • Metal base screwed to the car body

1- Remove Threat Of Theft

However, the user doesn’t need to know in detail the internal structure of the digital number. For installation on the machine, it only needs to tighten six bolts. Four of them attach the metal base to the body. The number gets fixed by two more bolts. The last two bolts have a unique head that vandal protects.

 It is impossible to unscrew them without a unique device, which only the number’s owner has. Due to this solution, Reviver Auto simultaneously eliminated the unpleasant problem of theft of license plates, which has affected many people.

2- Display Not Affected By The Weather

When developing electronic plates, protection from external influences, including adverse weather conditions, was thought out. For the manufacture of the display surface, reflective material was used. So the screen’s information is visible in any weather.

3- Quickly Change The Number

Display capabilities are one of the main advantages of a digital number plate, declared by the manufacturer. The revolution of the device is that information on it can change quickly and without additional costs. A user can have the desired letters on private number plates and modify them quickly after a year.

4- Has A Built-In Battery

The electronic number works from the built-in battery. It is not yet clear how long this battery works and lasts. According to Reviver Auto, the battery is replaceable. Apparently, with the constant use of such a number in the car, there might be a need to carry a charged spare battery. Nobody told about ways to recharge it without removing it. For example, whether it can charge from a car battery or from solar energy.

5- Use Electronic Ink

It must be assumed that the batteries are designed to last exceptionally long without the need for replacement. The features of the display confirm this. It works on the principle of electronic ink. Battery power is wasted only when the image is updated. In the future, the picture might remain static to increase battery life.

6- Easier To Follow The Standard Rules

You can choose a more suitable mode of operation of the number – black letters on a white background or vice versa. It means all the number plates can easily maintain the standard and quality required by DVLA.

7- Can Display Additional Information

Secondly, the screen can show additional information. Above, below and on the sides, it has free fields filled with the desired inscriptions. If you write the phrase “Child in the car” directly on the license plate, you won’t need to look for a place for the corresponding sticker on the glass. You can also write here:

  • Advertising your services
  • Vehicle registration data (state, month, year)
  • The name of your favorite sports team
  • A small image indicating the occupation or hobby of the car owner, and much more.

8- Can Display Supportive Information

When the car is not in motion, advertising or supporting information (for example, the number of paid parking hours remaining) may appear on the license plate instead of numbers and letters of the number.

9- Welcome Message For Test Drivers

Not only individuals but businesses can also benefit from electronic license plates. Reviver Auto believes that the development will be of interest to car dealerships. On the cars’ license plates in front of customers, you can display necessary information about them or welcome messages for people who signed up for a test drive.

10- Automatically Renew Registration

Changing the inscriptions on display is carried out through the device’s connection to the Internet using the official R-Connect browser. In addition to all of the above, electronic number plates can display information about a car’s insurance and violations, as well as automatically renew its registration.

11- Increase The Road Safety

Electronic Plates can increase road safety even more. Everything is effortless! The police will “write” remotely on your license plate:

  • The car is stolen
  • Suspicious car
  • Car with expired insurance
  • Not insured vehicle

Any police officer will see the inscription and will stop you right there! There is an increase in road safety. These plates will also have advanced technology for determining the geolocation of the car through number plates.

12- Contactless Interaction

Therefore, without touching, you can make parking payments. The police can use virtual ink to mark suspicious cars. So everything is contactless, which is quite useful in the time of COVID-19. The users of electronic plates are growing due to their user-friendly features.


Technology is changing everything; now, it is also revolutionizing the number plate system of cars. Shortly, all the vehicles will have these number plates that are user friendly; improving the security as only a unique device can remove these number plates, ease in enhancing the plate’s reflectivity, and automatic renewal of registration. It’s time to say goodbye to the old metal plates and adapt to technological change.