15 Train Travel Tips for a Happy Journey

Albert Howard

15 Train Travel Tips for a Happy Journey

Travelling India by train is undoubtedly the best journey experience for train lovers. Exploring the vast paddy fields with a cup of tea/coffee and snacks is the real joy. Especially when it comes to long-distance travel by train, you can feel the excitement right from the journey preparations. However, train travel in India can be best enjoyed when you follow the right tips for rail travel. From journey challenges to ordering food on train, here’re fifteen train travel tips to follow for a safe and comfortable journey.

  1. Check the Train Schedule and Book Tickets Online: 

The first step towards a comfortable and relaxing train journey is booking your tickets online in advance. There are numerous online platforms where you can book train tickets, and IRCTC is one of the popular portals where travellers can navigate easily and book tickets without any hassles. If your travel route has multiple trains operating from boarding to the destination station, choose the one that suits your timing. Immediately, check the train schedule and reserve your tickets to avoid going to station ticket counters for the same.  

  1. Check Live Station Status to Reach Station an Hour Ago:

Heading to the station is a major duty. If not planned properly, it can create last-minute havoc. Book your cab or auto rickshaw in advance to commute to the railway station at least an hour before the train’s departure time. It will relax you from the last-minute hassles like changes in train timing. However, you can keep checking the live train status from RailMitra App to stay updated on train timings.

  1. Beware of the Baggage Policies Issued by The Indian Railways: 

City airports and The Indian Railways have also framed luggage rules for passengers that everyone should know in detail. A certain limit is fixed on the luggage weight you can carry on the train journey. Read the policies and pack as light as you can. Also, inform the concerned authority immediately if you spot any unattended luggage at the station premises.

  1. Check Your PNR Status Regularly:

Is your ticket under waiting or RAC status? If yes, you must check the PNR status 30 minutes before the train’s departure. RailMitra, an AI-enabled app, is your perfect train journey planner that helps enquire about PNR status, train schedule, live train status, and many more. If you get a waiting status during the ticket booking time, check the PNR confirmation probability before deciding on the train. 

  1. Carry a Train Travel Kit for a Hygienic Journey: 

A travel kit consists of antiseptic liquid or cream, cotton roll, and tablets for stomach troubles. However, it’s time to upgrade your travel kit post covid attack. Now, include an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, paper soap, and disposable napkins in the travel kit. It is for your hygiene and safety during the journey. Also, do not forget to carry the toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and body lotion.

  1. Stick to a Budget:

If you are frequently searching for simple train travel hacks on the internet, budgeting will be the first item on the checklist. It is important because you cannot be a spendthrift during the journey. Calculate a budget in advance that starts from booking tickets to petty expenses. Keep track of your expenditure. It will let you know if you are spending extra. 

  1. Prepare a Checklist from the Planning Stage: 

It is a complex affair if you are perplexed about how to travel on a long journey by train or things to pack for a journey. A checklist is the best solution for a smooth and planned train journey. Prepare a checklist for every task that you feel is hectic before the journey. 

  1. Be Extra-Vigilant on the Station Premises:

Train travel in India is a joyful journey, but it can turn into a disaster if your vigilance fails. Protect your luggage, handbags, and wallet from pickpockets and burglars. Do not be prey to such incidents out of your journey’s excitement. Your attentiveness will save you from any mishap that can spoil your journey mood. 

  1. Carry Your Entertainment Package:

Keep a stock of web series and movies on your smartphone or laptop. It is a good source of entertainment, especially to kill the boredom of a long train journey in India. If you are fond of music, you have multiple applications in the Playstore to install and listen to your favourite song while gazing at the vast stretch of greenland, forests, and tunnels.

  1. Do Not Use Chargers at the Station Premises; Carry Your Power Bank:

CAUTION! There are many mobile charging points on the station premises where you can charge your phone and get ready for the journey. It sounds like a heavenly facility, but did you know you can lose all your confidential information by using these points? Yes! There are high chances of getting your bank account hacked. A debit message from your bank account can surprise you.

  1. Prepare a Plan B for Train Delay: 

Encountering a delayed train is the worst feeling ever. It is common during the winter season because of fog and weather disturbances. Also, special trains usually get delayed as they are not given preference over another express, Rajdhani, Duronto, and Tejas trains. In such cases, tracking the Live Train Schedule is helpful. Also, keep a plan B ready that depends on the circumstances you are in. 

  1. Order Restaurant-Style Food on Train from the Food Delivery app:

The best company for a train journey in India is tasty foods placed right in your berth. RailRestro, the best food delivery app for train journeys, offers passengers to order food on the train. The app serves restaurant-style hygienic food for train journeys. 

  1. Utilise the Journey Time: 

In the chaos of your daily schedule, you might forget yourself. Use this time for yourself. Do whatever you like, write whatever you feel, watch movies you have kept in your drive for a long time, listen to your favourite playlist, chat with your old school friends you won’t find time to talk and enjoy yourself and your company.

  1. Dress with a Comfortable Fashion:  

Will you enjoy a train journey with uncomfortable attire that disturbs you frequently? NO! Since you are going to sit for longer, tight-fitting clothes are not meant for you. In summer, you can choose lightweight clothes, and during the winter, you can dress in layers, especially for an overnight journey. 

  1. Pre-Order Your Meal:

Whether it is a solo trip or a group journey with friends, a trip with colleagues, any religious trip, or an excursion it is always recommended to place your food order in advance with the e-catering provider. This facilitates you to stay tension free and get your food delivered on time for a wonderful journey experience.       

Are you planning a journey via train? These travel tips are specially drafted for you to have a comfortable journey with the best food on the train. Download RailMitra App and plan a smooth train journey.