3 Tips to Manage Social Media Usage while Working from Home

Rohan Mathew

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In This Article, we are listing 3 Tips to Manage Social Media Usage while Working from Home

When you work from home, you have to try hard to stay focused on the task. However, unfortunately, there’ll be multiple interruptions and distractions that will continuously be vying for your attention. One of the most common distractions when working from home is being hijacked into addictive scrolling through your social media feed. Given that a lot of people are working from home these days, a lot of time goes into digital distractions. One of the biggest distractions that we are all dealing with is social media. Further, for people who are relatively newer to working from home, this challenge of not spending too much time on social media only gets graver. If you are of the view that you could indeed benefit if you did rethink your approach to social media, why not use this work from home as a perfect opportunity to do that?

Essential ways to manage social media while you work from home

One of the significant challenges with this entire pandemic thing going on is the constant updates about it. A lot of people spend a lot of their time everyday scrolling through the news. They want to get updates on how many new people have COVID, daily recoveries, and alike. The corona scare is so vast that people even spend a lot of time checking up on their friends and family or scrolling through their quarantine pictures on social media. Of course, now it is the only way for you to feel more connected to your inner circle, because for both you and them, physically meeting is not the safest thing to do

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However, if you continuously check on them, you wouldn’t be able to focus on the task that you are supposed to do as part of your work from home routine. Regardless of the circumstances, if you dedicate too much time to social media, it can have a deteriorating impact on your productivity and mood. Here, we have come up with a few essential tips that will help you moderate and manage your social media usage. It will help you stay focussed, productive, and be right on track.

Keep a tab on your daily usage

Kylie, an associate tutor with TFTH, says that she’s always been a massive social media user, but with this entire work from home routine, she has almost doubled the time she spends on social media. Well, we are confident that Kylie isn’t the only person dealing with this problem. However, if you aren’t sure whether or not social media is taking a toll on your productivity, there’s one way to do it, i.e., you should track the time you spend on your social media.

Of course, you can find an application to track your time, but you should maintain a basic log for a week or two. It will help you visualize how much time you are already spending on social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook. Now compare this time to the time you spend on your work or other related tasks usually. Further, calculate the actual time that generally goes into doing a particular job. If there’s a difference between the two timings, it is evident that your productivity is being hampered. So, you need to review and curtail your usage.

Tame your checking time

Social media is addictive. You cannot just rely on yourself to moderate your social media usage. Thus, you need to set up a schedule for yourself, which would involve having dedicated social media free work hours. You can also set aside time that you can spare for social media or for checking on your friends. You could start with your work projects and the meetings as your top priorities when listing your schedule. Now, mark the time you would dedicate towards a particular task and simultaneously mark your break hours or refreshment time in-between. It would help you focus and concentrate better on the job.

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How about a social media hiatus or a detox?

After you have tried the above two steps, but they haven’t been working for you, you need to think of a more significant action to cut this cycle. So, you could consider taking a hiatus from social media. It will curtail your urge and prevent you from scrolling over and over again. Sonya, an educator who works with TrumpLearning, says that she just deactivated her social media handles, and it has undoubtedly improved her productivity. You can keep this detox as short as a day, or a week, or even month. The longer you do it, the more it would come naturally to you.


The times are already very challenging, and you do not want to add to the stress by continually increasing the information on social media. So, take a break, and focus on better things in life. It would certainly help you be more focussed and productive too.