4 Tips for Starting a Cleaning Company from Scratch 

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Are you exploring the idea of starting your own business? If so, entering the cleaning industry could be a wise decision. This is a market which isn’t going to disappear due to a recession or technology advancements. It’s here to stay, and there’s limitless potential with how far you can take your own cleaning company. 

Yet as with any other type of business, this is an industry you cannot jump into without the right approach. If you go into it without any type of preparation, your cleaning company will be quickly washed away by the competition. 

To prevent that from happening, the following article lists four tips for starting a cleaning business from scratch. 

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  1. Research the market 

The cleaning industry is a lucrative one, which also makes it a competitive environment. There will already be various cleaning companies operating in your local area, so it’s essential you research the market. Points to consider include:

  • Existing competitors 
  • Potential customers
  • Current prices
  • Current services

Fortunately, not much research is required for information on these points. You could, for example, simply ring up your competitors while posing as a customer to find out the prices they charge and services they offer. 

  1. Gain the necessary funds 

It is true: a cleaning company is among the cheaper options when it comes to starting a business from scratch. You can start it from home, cleaning equipment is relatively inexpensive, and you don’t have to splash out much on local marketing materials. 

However, your investment is still likely to hit five figures after you have purchased a van, sweeping machine, professional vacuum cleaner, equipment trolley, website, and so on. As a result, you will generally have to find some source of funding in order to get going. 

Due to this, you will want to put together a business plan. Not only will it outline just how much cash you’ll need altogether, but it can also be the gateway to securing a business loan from a bank. 

  1. Consider going with a franchise 

When picking a business model, you could decide to go it alone. Yet if you want to hit the ground running and you have no prior cleaning/business experience, it is recommended to buy commercial cleaning franchise.

For instance, if you start a cleaning company with OpenWorks, you don’t have to worry about selling. You’re given a proven business model, guaranteed customers, and the foundation to succeed. Plus, financing is available alongside a relatively low start-up fee. 

Oh, and you don’t even have to worry about the next point…

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  1. Build your web presence 

If you do go it alone, you will have to place a strong emphasis on marketing your company. While physical marketing always has a role to play for local businesses, it is imperative that you also build your web presence. 

Having a dedicated website is a must. You should also create social media profiles on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, keeping them up to date with regular posts. Also take the time to create a Google My Business account and populate this with company info.