5 Brilliant Tips to Resolve Carpet Water Damage

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5 Brilliant Tips to Resolve Carpet Water Damage

When your carpet gets water damaged, you should consider acting fast. As soon as you detect signs of water damage, like musty odor, moisture on the carpet, or even wetness, it would be best if you dealt with or just have the issue handled immediately. This article offers expert advice on what you must do when you realize that your carpet is moldy underneath. 

However, if you cannot handle wet carpet problems, you can engage wet carpet cleaning professionals. This will save you the time, money, and stress that come with fighting the water-damaged carpets. Experts say that water damage can increase water bills by 10%. Thus, the problem should be addressed immediately. 

1-Remove the carpet and clean it

It would be best if you did not continue using a carpet that is damaged by water. You should remove it and have it cleaned. Generally, carpets contaminated by black or gray water should be disposed of. You can restore the carpet pad if exposed to moisture for less than forty-eight hours or less. However, if a flood has affected the carpet padding, you should just replace it. 

If the moist area is just a small area, you do not have to remove the carpet. Rather, you can clean the small portion using warm soapy water and a water vacuum. A dry blanket or towel can help remove the excess water. Thus, you can pat the wet area with some.

2- Utilize chemical cleansers to get rid of mold from the carpet

Moist carpets develop molds easily. And if this happens, you should use a special high-level disinfectant to disinfect and sanitize the affected area. However, note that these disinfectants are potentially dangerous. Thus, it would be best if you handled them with ultimate care. While using these chemicals to get rid of mold from the carpet, you should put on the appropriate gear. For example, you can wear gloves and a mask to guard yourself against exposure to mold or chemicals. 

3- Get rid of indoor moisture

It would be best if you got the air flowing smoothly and freely in the room. A dehumidifier and an air mover can help you remove indoor moisture. In turn, this will also help the carpets dry fast. Use these tools while cleaning the water-damaged carpets and even after washing for faster results. Carpets subjected to floodwater take 3 to 5 days to dry. Ideally, you should dry these carpets outdoors under the sun for faster drying. 

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4- Inspect walls, furniture, and floor near the damaged carpet

Surfaces near the water-damaged carpet might also be exposed to moisture, mold, or water. The floor and the walls are the most susceptible to water damage. Thus, you should inspect if they are affected by the mold or moisture in any way. 

For furniture, check if cracking, staining, warping, or peeling on the surfaces. These are the primary signs of water damage to furniture. Most importantly, you should ensure the source of water damage is addressed. Thus, make sure any water leak should be repaired as soon as you can. Honestly, prevention of water damage is cheaper and less stressful than restorations. 

5- Call professional services

Fret not if you are not skilled in handling water-damaged carpets. This is because you can contact professional carpet cleaners specializing in wet carpet cleaning. The water damage remediation professionals have the right skills, equipment, and training to handle the mess effectively. They can also ensure all the other water-damaged surfaces get cleaned, sanitized, and even dried. Thus, this is what you need, and you ought to call them in once you notice signs of water damage to your carpet. 


These five handy tips for handling water-damaged carpets should help you correct the mess. Therefore, ensure you use the right chemicals, remove the carpet for cleaning, use the right tools, and inspect the surfaces near the water-damaged carpet. However, calling experts would be the best idea. 


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