5 Carry-on Traveling Backpacks For 2022

Albert Howard

5 Carry-on Traveling Backpacks For 2022

We have cool and affordable backpacks for hand luggage on the plane, with which the trip will be comfortable. It is backpacks that experienced travelers are advised to take into the cabin of the aircraft – they fit things and equipment that are needed in flight and equipment that cannot be checked in luggage, hands are free at passport control, and during inspection, you can quickly show the contents if necessary.

Consider the best traveling backpack for successful trips: roomy, comfortable, with strong handles and padded shoulder straps. Perhaps, after getting acquainted with the collection of our backpacks on the road, you will not want to return to bags and suitcases.

What Is Important To Know When Buying A Carry-on Backpack?

Know your airline’s size and weight requirements for carry-on baggage. As a rule, standard norms are: 55 x 40 x 20 cm or 115 cm – the sum of three sides (width, depth, height). Weight – up to 10 kg. But you should definitely clarify this information with your airline, especially since the requirements are constantly changing. The Pobeda airline stands apart in this row, where the norm is now 36 x 30 x 27 cm, and we can also offer many options for backpacks specifically for Pobeda hand luggage.

How Do You Know If A Travel Backpack Is Good?

Firstly, immediately evaluate the capacity of the travel backpack, taking into account the number of things that you plan to take with you. Not all backpacks are equally useful for travel, and some are even harmful. For example, a backpack with strongly protruding side pockets or other parts should not be taken on the road, its size may exceed the allowable one, and its capacity will be small. Stick to more rectangular or streamlined shapes.

Secondly, we recommend buying a model with several compartments and additional pockets inside and outside – it is convenient to store small things in them that can come in handy at any time (flashlight, wet wipes, phone, cookies, headphones). 

Thirdly, look at the quality of the fittings and material, the quality of the seams, the density and width of the shoulder straps. A backpack on the road must be reliable, then it will be comfortable with it.

In this review, we offer backpacks that are great to travel with: light and roomy, with strong shoulder straps and well-placed pockets. They evenly distribute weight to reduce back strain and fit in the top bunk of an airplane. Take a look at our selection – here they are, the perfect backpacks for the road:

  • Backpack TRAVELER

The model has 2 compartments – the first is small, with many pockets and a detachable key chain, and the main one with a pocket for a laptop. There is a large external zipped pocket, a USB port, an orthopedic ventilated back and wide shoulder straps. It is possible to pull off excess volume on the sides with the help of side straps, and there is also a belt for a suitcase and a secret pocket at the back. The functionality of the backpack is beyond doubt – complete thoughtfulness of details and all elements. Ideal for travel.

  • ESM Backpack

The Esm backpack is interesting in its top loading, which provides a good overview of the contents. You can also note a large number of pockets and compartments inside and out, while the external zippers are waterproof – for additional moisture protection. It is very convenient and safe to transport equipment, various documents and folders here. This backpack can be safely recommended for business trips and business trips. The backpack has an orthopedic ventilated back with a suitcase strap. There is a USB output.

  • Bags-backpacks Anello 326

Models  Anello 326  and Elina 359  open from the top, they have a rigid metal (but very light) frame and you can easily see all the contents, as well as put a fairly large amount of things at once, for example, we put a tablet, a laptop, a case with headphones, a jacket, a cosmetic bag , water bottle, A4 folder (magazine), documents, phone, selfie stick and pens.

Additional functionality of the bag-backpack is given by a huge number of various pockets, both outside and inside. There is an additional waterproof plastic pocket on the back for storing documents that can be obtained without opening the main compartment, which is also important during a trip. There are also conveniently located front pockets and an elastic band for tightening excess volume.

  • Backpack-transformer For Hand Luggage “Tour”

This versatile convertible model is ideal for short trips and business trips. It can accommodate a laptop and documents thanks to several large compartments and a zippered compartment inside. The backpack transforms into a briefcase – there are handles on the side and an additional belt, fastening which the backpack also turns into a bag over the shoulder, while the straps are removed into a special pocket on the back.

  • Asmund Travel Backpack

Stylish new model – Asmund with original zipper finish. The backpack is also perfect for travel, thanks to its good volume – its dimensions are 45 x 28 x 11 cm, and 2 main independent compartments. In addition, there is a compartment for a laptop and a large front pocket. The weight is very small for such a volume – 600 gr., as the backpack is made of durable and lightweight waterproof textiles.