5 Exciting Careers You Can Explore After Graduating with An Online C&I Teacher’s Qualification

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5 Exciting Careers You Can Explore After Graduating with An Online C&I Teacher's Qualification

If you are considering a career in education or if you are a teacher wanting a change to another career in the education field, you may be interested in a career in curriculum and instruction. Here, you can learn what an online C&I teacher‘s degree is and discover 5 exciting careers you can explore after completing an online C&I teacher’s qualification.

What is an online C&I teacher’s degree?

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can enroll for a master’s of science degree in curriculum and instruction. This degree covers the research and theory you need to develop or design curricula, do learning assessments, and design learning strategies. You don’t need any teaching qualifications or experience to complete an online C&I teacher’s qualification. This degree will teach you how to:

  • design and implement a curriculum for all grades from Pre-K to twelfth grade
  • use course materials to strengthen your critical reasoning and problem-solving skills to evaluate and produce curricula for local, state, or national schools 
  • develop practical knowledge and understanding of the basic principles, generalizations, and theories of curriculum leadership, models, and educational research
  • enhance your leadership skills using technology with curriculum reform.

5 exciting career options for graduates with an online C&I teacher’s degree

Graduating with a C&I teacher’s degree improves your knowledge and expertise in the educational field. It improves your chances of success when you apply for more senior teaching positions to earn a higher income. It is important to remember that this degree does not help you become a licensed teacher. Here are 5 exciting careers you can choose from when you complete an online C&I teacher’s qualification: 

  1. School administrator

You can become a school administrator in a public or private school. As a school administrator, your daily functions include preparing correspondence and budgets. School administrators also provide educational leadership. You may assist one or more faculties with their administrative requirements. To get even further up the chain, you can take a look at the Illinois principal preparation course that gets you ready for that career choice.

  1. Curriculum designer

You can become a curriculum designer to design or create a school’s curriculum to help instill a desire to learn in the students at the school. Curriculum designers must always consider the state’s requirements when designing a curriculum. They consider the most effective teaching methods, including classroom or computer-based teaching methods, when they develop the content of the curriculum. In developing a curriculum, you may have to consider the social and cultural aspects of the school’s district to enhance the students’ learning patterns.

  1. K-12 lead teacher

Another exciting career option for a graduate of an online C&I teacher’s qualification is the role of a K-12 lead teacher. A K-12 lead teacher researches and develops lessons in various subjects by considering the state’s standards. K-12 lead teachers can work at a school or work for the district. Their primary functions include developing and implementing curriculum and instructional programs and creating research-based instructional methods for schools. 

  1. Instructional strategist

An instructional strategist serves students and collaborates with parents to ensure a positive learning experience for the students. It would be helpful to have knowledge of and experience with students with autism and other challenging behaviors if you are interested in this career. An instructional strategist also collaborates with instructional coaches, implements research-based practices, and introduces the use of technology to students. Instructional strategists work in elementary and secondary schools. 

  1. C&I specialist

You need detailed knowledge of teaching and learning techniques to qualify for a position as a C&I specialist. A C&I specialist, or instructional coordinator, works in a school’s administration to enhance, develop, and assess the school district’s curricula and instruction methods. C&I specialists may sometimes observe a class to assess the teacher’s instruction method and advise them on improvements they can make. Other duties a C&I specialist may perform are choosing textbooks, reviewing education rules, and recommending the use of technology in the classroom