5 Must-Know Floor Decorating Trends That Are Out

Rohan Mathew

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Need new floors?

Maybe it’s time for old carpeting to come up, or you want to restore a terrazzo floor that has been hiding under linoleum for 20 years.

New flooring materials are being developed that can mimic expensive looks for less money. Also, many new flooring trends have the potential to remain in style for a long time to come.

Of course, there are decorating trends that are out in 2020, and some of these apply to floors. Before you spend money, read here to find out what to avoid.

Decorating Trends That are Out: Grey

Grey has been the go-to color for just about everything in the last few years, including flooring. But grey appears to be waning in popularity, and many designers feel that it should no longer be considered a “main” color in any room.

More current flooring trends include the new color mix, “Greige” which is a mix of beige and grey. These two formerly-popular colors have come together to create a new, versatile shade that can match any color scheme.

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Concrete and Terrazzo Floors

Concrete floors are on their way out, as well as the entire “industrial” look for interior spaces. The trends for 2020 and beyond embrace a more natural look and feel.

Terrazzo has been a classic flooring composite for a long time, and it’s a toss-up as to whether the terrazzo craze of the last couple of decades will last. Terrazzo, like concrete, was very popular in industrial settings, and later in homes. However, not everyone loves this style, and there are warmer materials to consider.

Dark Wood Floors

Although dark wood has classic beauty, 2020 home decor trends lean toward lighter colors in flooring. Lighter-colored flooring makes a room look and feels larger.

Today’s most popular hardwood floors include walnut, red and white oak, and hickory, while bamboo and Brazilian cherry are no longer top choices.

Outdated Carpet Styles

Even when the carpet was rejected in favor of still-popular hardwoods and vinyl flooring, many people still elected to have carpeted bedrooms. But certain carpet styles may never be popular again.

Consider shag carpeting, a staple of the 1970’s modern bedroom.  Long carpet fibers were cut in half and piled thick, giving a deep, shaggy look to the flooring. Due to high maintenance, and allergies, shag carpet has not regained its place as a popular floor covering.

Another outdated carpet idea is animal print rugs, another 70’s remnant. Once the height of “cool” these rugs now look almost offensive. Their demise might be for the best.

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Linoleum was once the most popular choice for kitchens and heavy-traffic floors. It’s waterproof and inexpensive. However, from a design standpoint, linoleum is not very fashionable.

Today, vinyl and laminates are the new linoleum. These synthetic materials can mimic wood floors, and provide many more faux textures. Many people today opt for vinyl and laminate first, due to the variety of styles and low price.

Classic Flooring

Now that you’ve seen some decorating trends that are out, consider classic hardwood, porcelain tile, or faux wood vinyl. These current flooring trends have staying power!

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