5 Online Classes To Take This Autumn

Rohan Mathew

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5 Online Classes To Take This Autumn

We may be at the start of Lockdown 2.0, but don’t despair if you’re already losing the will to live. If you’re sick to death of Netflix and you need some inspiration, these courses will keep your mind active and your soul happy this autumn. We’ve got something for everyone, too…

Channel your inner Mary Berry

If you nailed the banana bread in Lockdown 1.0 (please, no more banana bread), and you’re seeking a new challenge this autumn, consider a cake baking masterclass. Renowned cake making school, Rosalind Miller, has a huge selection of courses on offer, covering everything from baking fundamentals to decorating with buttercream like a pro. Vegans can get in on the fun, too, thanks to a brand-new course that centres on plant-based delights.

Perfect your cooking skills

If baking’s not your bag, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to general cooking classes. Choose a brand-new cuisine to school yourself on a different culture, or sign up for a course with a Michelin-star chef, such as Gordon Ramsey, to learn from the experts. We’re big fans of the newly launched business, Knowledge Recycled, which brings together pros across the food and drink industry. You can sign up for a series of lessons – the ins and outs of sushi making, for example, or join a one-off masterclass (like food writing), for a taster.

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Master a new language

It’s on the to-do list of millions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to speak a second language? Actually committing the time to learn one, though, is a whole other thing. There are lots of popular apps out there that can school you in the basics, such as Babbel, Duolingo and Mondly. That said, many people find that they’ll use these for a week and never open them up again. If that’s you, consider signing up for a course at Rosetta Stone. The brand is tried and tested, and you’ve got the option of adding a tutor to your course, so you’ve got the flexibility to choose a package that’s right for you and your budget.

Feng Shui your home

The term Feng Shui gets bounced around a lot when it comes to interior design principles, and its origins date back to ancient China. Essentially, Feng Shui is a philosophy that says your surroundings affect your energy and happiness levels. It encourages you to pay attention to the elements, ensure there’s enough natural light in your home, and to free rooms of unnecessary clutter, all in order for you to feel more harmonious in your environment. And what better time to learn more about these practices? Udemy’s Classical Feng Shui for Beginners is a good place to start, and it’s super reasonably priced.

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Learn Calligraphy in time for Christmas

An ancient writing technique, the art of Calligraphy is something you’ll be able to turn to time and time again. That is, once you’ve nailed the basics. It’s ultra-therapeutic and, let’s be honest, none of us are going to say no to a soothing activity right now, are we? Plus, you can put your newly acquired skills to good use on your Christmas cards – another ‘to-do’ for the autumn.