5 Tips on Successful Remote Team Management for Startups

Rohan Mathew

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A lot of companies have scrambled to figure out remote team management because of COVID-19. However, others want to make remote work a main feature of their company.

A remote-first approach to work for startups can be very beneficial for everyone involved. Employees get to have a more flexible workday, and company founders don’t have to worry about the expense of renting a big office space.

Learning how to master remote team management can be tricky. Luckily, we’re here to help you. Follow these 5 tips so you can learn the right way to manage employees properly.

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  1. Trust Your Employees 

It’s important to be flexible in remote work environments. As long as deadlines are being met and meetings are attended, don’t worry about what your employees are doing every second.

Expect that an employee may briefly leave their workstation to grab lunch. Trust that your employees can handle working independently, and your remote management experience will be much smoother.

  1. Give Explicit Direction

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is communication. In the past, you’d walk to the next cubicle to get an answer from a co-worker. Now, things aren’t as easy.

When you’re assigning remote tasks, give your employees plenty of information on what they need to do through work briefs. Here’s a great example of a work brief that gives a lot of direction on what needs to be done:


  1. Schedule Reoccurring “All-Hands” Meetings 

If you want to accommodate everyone’s schedule, reoccurring mandatory team meetings are a must. This gives employees more flexibility to manage their days and also makes sure everyone has a chance to check in with each other.

Let’s face it: some people are in meetings that they don’t need to be a part of. Sometimes it’s okay for someone to miss a 15-minute morning stand-up as long as they come to the hour meeting later on in the afternoon.

  1. Talk to Employees Directly

The more you can communicate with your direct reports, the better your management style will be. You’ll be more in the loop about what your employees need, and they won’t have trouble reaching you.

Set aside a few minutes each day to sync up with your employees. Sometimes all you need is a 4-minute meeting to address an issue.

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  1. Give Them the Right Tools 

Remote work is easier than ever because of the technology and tools we have access to. If you want to set everyone up for remote work success, make sure they have the right tech.

A channel-based messaging platform is essential for a remote workforce. Consider giving employees hotspots if they need better internet access. Stipends for better laptops or webcams can give employees much-needed tech upgrades.

Take Remote Team Management to the Next Level 

Remote team management is the way of the future. If you want your business to succeed, learn how to master remote work now.

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