5 Unexpected Reasons To Open A Business Checking Account

Rohan Mathew

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5 Unexpected Reasons To Open A Business Checking Account

Business owners may have to make certain decisions to improve their ease of doing business and credibility. A business checking account is one of those decisions. While some businesses go without opening this type of bank account, sometimes, circumstances like cash flow management and vendor payment may necessitate the move from personal checking accounts online to business checking accounts. As a business owner without a business checking account, it may be harder to access your account online or even get a business debit card. This article takes a look at the unexpected reasons that may warrant a business checking account.

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Boost Business Credibility

As a business owner, you want to inspire trust and credibility. You want other vendors to trust you to make business relationships happen and grow. It may be hard to foster that type of business relationship when you have listed personal checking accounts online. You may also send out the wrong signal to your clients and customers when they issue a check to your personal checking account instead of your business checking account. Customers and vendors may misrepresent your business as a hobby when you aren’t properly equipped. A business checking account can add a formal tone, inspire trust, credibility, and collaboration. It can also enhance the legitimacy of your business, especially when you need to obtain loans, business lines of credit, or business credit cards.

Simplified Taxes

A business checking account helps you put a demarcation between your personal and business spending. Operating your business on your personal account can put a strain on you when doing your taxes. However, separating both entities gives you a better chance of computing the correct personal and business tax. Always remember that you are required to be accurate with your tax reporting, a requirement that may be hard to meet when your personal spending is lumped with business transactions. A business checking account is recommended to avoid running into trouble with the government for tax evasion or theft.

Measurable Performance

Business owners need to be able to track every aspect of their business to measure growth and productivity. Getting a separate account for your business gives you a chance to do this. Business owners with a business checking account stand a better chance of measuring their expenses against their income. Added to this, they can also track other aspects of their business to know where to cut losses and how to improve their bottom line. It may be harder to measure your business’ profitability when your personal money is mixed with your business funds.

Overall Protection

Business checking account creation is based on the same reason why you decided to register and incorporate your business. Business registration and incorporation offer protection and distinguish your personal entity from your business entity. The same applies to a business checking account. You can expect a business checking account to put a divider between you and your business, thereby saving you from financial problems at a later date.

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Credit Worthiness

A business checking account does not impact your business credit score in any way. However, it offers many more advantages, including fostering a relationship between your business and financial institutions. With a business checking account, you stand a better chance of establishing our business. You can also enjoy a more favorable outlook from credit bureaus which may start a credit report for your business. Having a business credit report builds trust and credibility and can improve your access to financial incentives and opportunities.

After having read these advantages, it is understandable that you may want to create a business checking account for your business, especially if you are registered and incorporated. Doing this will help you remain legal as required by the law. As a sole business owner or proprietor, you may not necessarily need a business checking account, but it is recommended to have one.

To create a business checking account, you won’t be required to show revenue or proof of revenue. You may, however, be required to provide a government-issued ID and your Tax Identification Number (TIN) or social security number (as a sole proprietor). Depending on the financial institution, you may also need a business license, article of incorporation for a corporation, or article of organization for an LLC.

Evaluating a Business Checking Account

When choosing a financial institution for your business checking account needs, be sure to consider the following factors.

Convenience – Choose a financial institution that offers both online services as well as physical branch offices that you can walk in. remember that you may sometimes need to interface with bank staff for help.

Opening deposit and minimum balance requirement – You should also consider the bank’s stand on minimum balance and opening deposit. It may be best to choose a bank whose requirements fall within your current financial capacity.