5 Useful Sign Making Pointers For Small Businesses

Rohan Mathew

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5 Useful Sign Making Pointers For Small Businesses

Signages are excellent marketing tools that effectively drive customers towards a business. Business owners often underestimate the significance of signages to attract the customers’ attention. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can employ. If you want to increase your market reach and get more customers, you should utilize the services of a reputed sign making company to get attractive signage for your business.

Importance of external signage for your business

Eye-catching signage placed outside a store grabs the attention of passersby instantly. A recent study revealed that nearly 40% of people confessed knowing about a local business through their external signage. Signage makes people curious about a business and the products they sell. Signage is still very effective even in these times of digital advertising. Signage is important to a business because it informs people about who you are and where you are located. As per studies, it can help increase your customer base and referrals. In an instant, the message in signage can get registered in people’s minds. Hire experienced sign makers to design eye-catching signage that will attract more customers and increase your business.

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Sign-making tips for small businesses

The following useful tips will make your signage more attractive:

  1. Make it readable: The message in your sign should be readable from a long distance. This can be done by effectively managing the white space, using only limited content, and adding graphics with bold contrasts. You should also consider the usual traffic speed, whether 20, 30 or 50 miles while making the design. By using bigger-sized letters, even fast-moving traffic can grasp the content written on the signage.

Avoiding cluttering up your content is important while designing signage. It should not be crammed with too many words or have many lines. Leaving a large part of the sign’s face area as white space ensures better readability. Use only minimal content to convey precisely the meaning of your business. Emphasize only the essential information on your sign

  1. Location and visibility: The signage’s location is one factor that needs careful consideration. First, you need to take care of zoning and lease requirements before placing your sign.

Factors to consider at the points of transit, sale, and waiting

  • At the point of transit, signage needs to be placed with diligence, and your content should be concise and to the point. People at this point are always in a hurry and read only messages that are clear and precise
  • At the point of sale, you need to use catchy words to promote your business and attract huge crowds. Your message should be very readable
  • At the point of wait, you can give longer descriptions of your products or brand. Using attractive graphics and text will captivate the audience and keep them engaged

Typically, a customer spends a little more than three seconds to read your signage. A signage’s objective is to make your customers know what your product is all about. So, you have to devise an eye-catching strategy that would grab the attention of people and get them to know your product in an instant. The rule usually followed when designing signages is to use letterings of at least one foot for every 10 feet distance.

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  1. Selecting the right size: Another crucial factor when designing signage is selecting an appropriate size and scale as needed. Consider where you are placing the sign, such as the parking lot or a rental board, and then decide upon the right size. Bigger signs have more reach and can attract lots of customers. Avoid over-styling or inefficient spacing since it may hinder letter visibility. The right size, appropriate scaling, and spacing letters correctly will together create a fantastic design
  2. Use attractive fonts: Selecting the right font style is an important factor affecting your signage design. Fonts are equally significant as the words used, and it is essential to choose one that complements your colour and graphics. Well-chosen fonts make reading easier and less strainful for the eye. The prospective customer should have no difficulty in reading the content from a large distance.

Too much of detailing in fonts or very stylish ones give a cluttered look to the content.  Using too heavy fonts is also not a good idea as they blend, losing their shape, and reducing legibility. Another common mistake while designing is the use of capital letters for all texts. Studies show that using capital letters strains the eye and lessens the readability. Helvetica and Sans Serif are among the most popular fonts used for designing

  1. The magical effect of colours: The use of the right colours goes a long way in making your signage design eye-catching. The human eye perceives the colours of a design first, and that is why they are crucial for creating your brand identity. As per research, more than 75% of brand recognition happens through colours. A perfect example is that of the design used by McDonald.

Design experts use lighter shades of letters against a darker background as it looks very attractive. Some of the popular colour combinations include white on red, white on blue, white on black, and black on yellow. It would be wise to avoid colours, which are trendy currently, as these colours may go out of style later forcing you to change them. Using colours believed to have a positive impact on people, such as orange or yellow, is a good idea. You also need to ensure the letters do not go shady against the background. Not using too many colours is advisable as less is always better

Implementing these sign ideas will boost your business by attracting more customers. Hire expert sign makers with relevant experience who can design eye-catching signages for your brand that will take your business to a new level.