6 Cabin Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Rustic Culinary Magic

Rohan Mathew

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2020 has had a lot in store for us, including increased remote work and furloughs. While it has been tough, the pandemic also has given people the chance to spend more time in nature, embrace solitude, and finally, learn how to cook.

While not everyone can pack up and spend time in a secluded cabin, you can bring the feeling of cozy nature into your own home.

Check out these cabin kitchen ideas for the ultimate retreat, best spend with loved ones and a hot cup of cocoa!

  1. Reclaimed Barn Wood

Wood is the classic material when it comes to cabin kitchens, and using reclaimed barn-wood accents lend an extra level of rustic chic to cozy cooking spaces.

Barn wood typically has an already weathered look and features a heavier wood grain. Not only does this make kitchen surfaces more robust, but it’s also easier to hide stains and messes that would stand out in an all-white kitchen.

Seasoned hobby carpenters can try to reclaim old barn wood themselves, but luckily, there are plenty of pre-made options crafted from new materials out there– and they look just like the real deal.

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  1. Wood Cookstove

Wood-burning cookstoves add authenticity to a cabin kitchen and are perfect for cabins nestled in forests.

In addition to cooking and baking, wood stoves have the added benefit of warming the cabin without having to tend to a separate fireplace.

While antique woodstoves might be the first thing coming to mind, there are still companies that manufacture new stoves. Anyone who wants to bring some old-timey charm into their kitchen can also go on the hunt for restored antique stoves.

Stews and baked goods are ideal dishes to cook on a woodstove and make for a cozy meal. Due to how the stove functions, the top stove and built-in oven heat up at the same time, making it easy to bake bread while soup is bubbling away.

Just make sure to use gloves when handling the appliance!

  1. Copper Accents

Copper accents have been all the rage– no wonder, since copper’s warm glow appears cozy and elegant at the same time. 

Polished copper pans and pots can double as kitchen decor and fit especially well in wooden cabin kitchens. Darker wood provides a stark contrast while lighter, redder wood offers a more cohesive look.

Many stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances come in copper options, while spraypaint can spruce up existing surfaces. Replacing handles and other hardware with copper is a quick and easy way to test out the look.

  1. Stone, Wood and Marble

Wood and stone surfaces are a classic combination and popular for cabin-style kitchens. Stone elements can range from polished surface accents to kitchen islands made from rounded rocks and cement.

Don’t try to be too perfectionist– the appeal of stone and wood are the natural imperfections that set them apart from cookie-cutter kitchens and bring the great outdoors into your home.

Marble works equally well with wood and is ideal as a countertop material. The mineral stone is smoother and less porous than stone and therefore a better material for food preparation.

Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so there should be a fit for every kitchen style.

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  1. Wooden Beams

Anyone who wants a cabin kitchen but doesn’t actually own or live in a cabin should consider adding wooden beams to their kitchen.

Options include exposed and finished ceiling beams and natural cut logs. Ceiling beams can be used sparsely, e.g. only four interlocking beams that showcase a rustic look while maintaining some airiness.

Logs are most effective if used throughout the entire ceiling and turn any kitchen into a full-on cabin. For a cohesive effect, it’s best to make sure the wood of the logs matches the wood used in the rest of the kitchen.

On the other hand, a contrast between light and dark wood can look striking if executed well. To achieve this, it’s best to only contrast one aspect– color, grain, design, etc.

  1. Picking the Right Appliances

No matter if you want to remodel the kitchen in your cabin or create a cabin-style kitchen in your home for an all-year-round cozy decor, making sure to pick high-quality appliances is an important part of creating the perfect kitchen.

While an all-wood look is stunning, it also bears a certain fire risk, so make sure to either pick up a new stove or go with a trusted source of antique pieces if a wood-burning cooking stove is in your future.

A fridge is a good investment no matter where the cabin kitchen in question is located: fresh meats and vegetables perfect for a stew or roast benefit from being kept in a cool environment.

To ensure good water quality even in a more rural area, make sure to keep filtration in mind. Check out these refrigerator filters as a starting point.

Finding the Perfect Cabin Kitchen Idea

The appeal of a cabin is its location: situated in stunning landscapes, be it a heavily wooded forest, overlooking a lake, or nestled in a mountain. 

But as these ideas show, it’s possible to create a beautiful cabin-style kitchen in any home. By combining wood, stone, and other natural elements, you can form a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Start slow if you’re interested in transforming your kitchen but don’t have a plan yet– even small changes such as displaying copper cooking utensils, using natural wood decor, or trying out a peel-and-stick stone backsplash can bring the cabin life home.

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