6 Types Of Brain Injuries In Car Accidents & Your Legal Options

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6 Types Of Brain Injuries In Car Accidents & Your Legal Options

There are many types of injuries you can get from a car accident, some might show up right away, while some might find an opportunity to uncover. Brain injuries can be serious whether they show up immediately or later, and you really need to look for treatment after seeing the primary symptoms to stay away from further severity. 

If the accident was not your fault and still you have to endure brain injuries, you are entitled to a settlement claim. The battle for compensation might be complex. Hence you are advised to take help from traumatic brain injury attorneys in Denver, CO who can make it a lot easier and assist you with increasing your compensation.

Types Of Brain Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

A seat belt offers some measure of protection whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger in a car. In the event of a serious collision, seat belts help keep you from being thrown out of the car. A seat belt helps to keep your upper body in place. However, there is no similar safety feature available to keep your head and neck in position during a car accident, making your head and neck more vulnerable to harm. Here are six examples of brain damage brought on by car crashes.

  1. Concussion

The most common kind of TBI is a concussion. A concussion can result from a quick blow to the head. You can hit your head on the dashboard, window, steering wheel, or another portion of the car during a collision. Your brain may collide with the walls of your skull as a result of this head injury. Concussion signs and symptoms might include dizziness, confusion, and even unconsciousness.

  1. Contusions

The medical name for a bruise is a contusion. However, a significant brain bruise may require surgery to resolve this dangerous condition. When the brain is injured, such as during a concussion where the brain is slammed against the skull, there may be brain bleeding.

  1. Diffuse Axonal

It happens when the brain structures tear because of serious head rotation. It is an extreme type of concussion and can prompt secondary effects like seizures, serious cerebral pains, headaches, and at times cognitive decline or breakdown. In extreme cases, these brain injuries from car accidents can bring about unconsciousness or demise.

  1. Brain Penetration

When something penetrates the brain, it is said to have caused a sort of brain injury known as penetration. Although it could be simpler to detect than other brain injuries, this kind of injury needs to be handled with extreme caution. There are situations when a brain injury is severe enough to affect the brain. It is recommended to leave the object in place if there is any blood leaking from a head wound and let medical personnel deal with this kind of injury.

  1. Coup Countrecoup

The effects of a coup-contrecoup brain injury are severe. It denotes that your brain has suffered two separate injuries, frequently as a result of a severe head injury. Not only is your brain hurt where the blow was delivered, but it is also hurt when the force of the impact pushes your brain’s opposite side against the inside of your skull.

  1. Acquired Brain Injuries

This alludes to injuries not brought about by the horrendous power of the mishap. Acquired brain injuries can result from blood loss, lung and rib damage, and throat injuries that can prompt circumstances influencing the mind.