7 Reasons Why Shredding Is Indispensable To Your Business 

Rohan Mathew

7 Reasons Why Shredding Is Indispensable To Your Business 

In today’s businesses, use of paper files has been reduced due to the advancement of technological means of businesses providing an easier storage means (digital means).

But the use of paper files cannot be ruled out completely, and when these files become obsolete and no longer needed, it is important to dispose of them properly to prevent sensitive company information and other confidentials from being leaked. 

The  use of Industrial Shredders is recommended to dispose and completely destroy your proprietary and confidential documents. Shredders offer comprehensive disposal models for your business that highlights seamlessness and efficiency.

As the number of paper files increases, managing them gets increasingly difficult, exponentially increasing the risk of data breaches.

The next step of action is to digitize the important ones and dispose of the irrelevant ones via shredding. The total destruction of your files in-house means that your confidential information doesn’t leave your organization. This makes it impossible for bad actors to access your info outside the company.

  • Law Abiding

There are laws implemented at both federal and state levels directed at protecting the personal data of citizens. The laws mandate the proper disposal of sensitive documents such as medical and dental records, employee payroll, documents with individuals’ social security numbers and so on.

Whether it is the Data Protection Act,the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act(HIPAA) or other security regulations, they all serve to protect citizen’s privacy.

Shredding  is arguably the most suitable means to achieve compliance. The total destruction of paper documents conforms with legislative stipulations while doubling as absolute security cover for your proprietary and private information.

  • Environmental Friendly 

Proper disposal of documents by shredding is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t constitute pollution to the environment as opposed to disposal by burning or dumping somewhere on a landfill. 

Shredding makes it easier to recycle papers which can also save cost on paper production.

  • Efficiency 

Shredding is an efficient way to dispose of unwanted documents. Industrial shredders are fast and can process a large number of documents in a short period of time without a risk of human error.

  • Improve customer’s trust

Shredding of documents and confidentials demonstrate proper document security and this appeals to the customers and increases their trust in your business.

  • Fire Safety

Fire accidents can occur in a place with a large number of files. So, it is necessary to dispose of files that are no longer relevant by shredding to reduce the risk of fire accidents.

Shredded documents leave behind little to no  risk or means to constitute fire security issues to the office. 

  • Saves Space

Shredding of irrelevant files and records helps to free up office space much needed for other administrative works in the office.

This also helps to make the office look organized and presentable.

Recommended List of Shreddables


  • ATM
  • Credit and charge card transactions
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Receipts with bank account numbers
  • Sales receipts 


  • Address labels from junk mail and magazines
  • Pre-approved advance on business card applications

Financial Statements 

  • Bank
  • Investment
  • Credit and charge cards
  • Credit reports and histories

Documents With Personally Identifiable Information

  • Birth certificate copies
  • Legal records
  • Real estate transactions
  • Tax forms

Employment Documents

  • Employment records
  • Pay stubs
  • Resumé

Health Records

  • Medical
  • Dental