7 Things You Need to Always Check When Buying a House

Rohan Mathew

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The housing market is on the up, and some newspapers are reporting that it is ‘booming’, particularly in certain areas of the country. If you are one of the numerous people who are thinking about buying a new home, there are some things you should ensure that you consider before agreeing to buy.

The neighborhood

This check is probably the single most important thing when moving house. Most physical issues with a property can be resolved with either some work or some money, but your neighborhood is the one thing you can’t change without moving house.

  • Visit the area that the property is in on several occasions, both during the day and at night. By doing this, you will get a feel for the area at different times of the day. A weekend visit is particularly important as this is when a lot of people will be home from work.
  • If you have children, check to see what the schools are like in the area. Also, check whether you think your child will fit in there.
  • Check out the local amenities. Can you easily access a grocery store, a doctor’s office and a hospital?
  • If the area has a community group on a social media platform, try joining it and asking people what the area is like. Most people would more than happy to help.
  • Check out the safety record for your area using online tools like AreaVibes, The Neighbors App and NeighborhoodScout.

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If you and your family have a car and will frequently have visitors who also drive, you should check to see how simple it is to park the car and access your property. Check whether there is parking available both for you and for visitors. It’s also worth ascertaining how easy it would be for any contractors to park large vehicles near the property if you are planning on having any work done.


Watch out for signs that repairs to the property’s foundations may be needed when you view it. Begin by walking the exterior perimeter and checking for any bulges or leaning walls, as this can indicate an uneven load. Both the foundation walls and the home walls should be flush and level.

Also check for any water damage or cracks in the concrete, especially those greater than a quarter of an inch in size.

If you are unsure, contact an expert. Helitech is a Quad Cities foundation repair specialist, and their experts also know the area well and so will be able to advise on whether what you are seeing is an indicator of damage or not.

Damp Or Discolored Internal Walls

Inside the property check for any damp or discolored walls, particularly behind large items of furniture, as it could indicate an issue that needs resolving.

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It’s important that you get the roof checked out by a Fort Mitchell Kentucky roofing company, as if you need to get the roof replaced this can be expensive. Look out for damp patches on the external brickwork, and pay close attention to any new extensions for signs of poor quality workmanship.

Electrics and Heating

Check to see when the boiler was last serviced, and that the central heating is working correctly. It’s also worth checking that there are enough radiators, and that they are in good condition.


This is especially crucial if you are planning to work from home! Check out what the broadband speed is like for the property, and what your options are for improving it if it isn’t at the standard you need. If you want to work from home and you can’t because of a broadband connection that you have no control over, then this could be a dealbreaker.