8 Tips to Help Save Money on Prescriptions

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss 8 Tips to Help Save Money on Prescriptions

Hearing a diagnosis can feel like a relief—you finally have answers and a solution!—until you realize how much the prescription will cost. About 30% of patients will avoid filling out prescriptions that are too expensive.

Another 16% of patients don’t take their meds on time, while another 15% cut their pills in half.

While these shortcuts can help you save on prescriptions, they’re also dangerous. Your health needs to come first. Instead, try these tips to learn how to save money on prescriptions.

8 Tips to Help Save Money on Prescriptions

8 Tips to Help Save Money on Prescriptions Listed Below

With these tips, you can prioritize your health and your budget. Start saving money on prescription drugs with these easy tips today!

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  1. Ask for Samples

The next time your doctor suggests you take a new medication, ask if you can try a sample.

Pharmaceutical sales reps bring samples to the doctor’s offices all the time. Doctors can hand these FDA-approved medications to their patients. Trying a sample allows patients to determine if they’ll experience any side effects when using the product.

Otherwise, you could end up wasting money on a prescription you’ll only use for a week. Some prescription medications can interact with vitamins, your diet, or other meds. If you’re okay after trying the sample, you can then buy a month’s supply feeling rest assured.

In order to save money on prescriptions, ask your doctor if they have any samples available. Trying samples is a small way to save money that can add up. Even one sample can help you avoid a few payments.

Even a week’s supply of pills can save you a lot of money.

  1. Go Generic

The next time you visit your doctor’s office, ask if you can switch to the generic version of the medications you need. Generic medications are usually less expensive. Switching to multiple generic brands can help you save on prescriptions.

It’s important to visit your doctor before switching to generic brands. Otherwise, switching to a generic option might help your wallet but harm your health.

During your visit, ask your doctor why the brand name is the better option. They’ll help you determine if the generic medication might cause side effects or react to another medication you’re taking. In some cases, the generic option has a lower potency than what you need.

Don’t buy the first generic brand you find online just to save money. Instead, take the time to confirm the medication is FDA-approved.

In order to receive FDA-approval, medications must first complete rigorous testing. The FDA will make sure the medication was manufactured using ingredients that are safe. Otherwise, you could end up using a medication that contains harmful fillers.

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If you want to learn how to save on prescriptions, considering exploring these Canadian drug prices. Choosing an online store you can trust will help you get the medications you need without risking your health.

  1. Buy in Bulk

Saving money on prescription drugs is also easier if you start buying in bulk.

Are you taking the same medications every day? Do you have to take your medications for months or even years? If you’re treating a long-term illness, refilling the same prescription every month can get expensive.

Instead, you can purchase a 90-day supply online.

Buying in bulk will help you save money by reducing the cost per pill. At the same time, you can save money by traveling less often, too.

Purchasing medication online is also beneficial for older patients. Driving to the store every month for medication can drain your energy. With COVID-19 quarantines still underway, it’s safer to stay at home.

Buying in bulk could help you save on prescriptions and keep you safe from the virus.

  1. Research Your Medications

Americans spend about $1,200 per patient on prescription medications annually.

The next time your doctor writes you a prescription, research it online before picking up your meds. Researching your medications can help you comparison shop. You might find two similar medications with vastly different costs.

First, download apps from different insurers on your smartphone. You can use these apps to compare prices. You can even start comparison shopping while you’re still in the exam room.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can speak with your doctor before the end of your appointment. Your doctor can also voice any warnings they might have about the alternatives you’re researching.

  1. Dig into the Medicine Cabinet

Do you have any little orange bottles left in your medicine cabinet? Check the expiration date. You can usually take prescription medications even after they’ve passed that date.

If you’re worried, take the medications to your doctor. They’ll let you know if the medication is no longer safe to take.

  1. Adjust Your Medical Plan

If you want to save money on prescriptions, consider adjusting your medical plan. A new plan might help you save (especially if your current plan isn’t offering any coverage).

Do you meet the requirements for Extra Help? You could receive price breaks for your medications as a Medicare Part D participant.

  1. Call the Pharmaceutical Company

If you need to learn how to save on prescriptions without insurance, call the pharmaceutical company. They might have a patient assistance program available.

These programs are designed to help patients pay for expensive medications with a little help.

  1. Consult Your Doctor

Remember, taking shortcuts with your prescriptions can endanger your health. Instead, speak with your doctor. Let them know you’re trying to save on prescriptions.

They can help you adjust your current prescription regimen. Switching to other medications could help you save money in the long-run.

As you use these tips and learn how to save on prescriptions, remind yourself to remain patient. You might have to use these steps more than once. A fresh deal might become available when you need it most.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions: 8 Tips for Savvy Shopping

Now that you know how to save money on prescriptions, start shopping. With these eight tips, your regimen doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead, you can prioritize your budget and still get the medications you need.

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