A Definitive List of Quality Marijuana Seed Markers

Rohan Mathew

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Growing weed is one of the most fulfilling pastimes. Preparing the growing space and equipment then watching your seeds germinate to become the tall cannabis plants is quite a feeling. Besides, growing your own weed gives you full quality and supply control.

With all these benefits you will be crushed to see your plants turn into low-quality produce. That no matter how much you tender and care for them, it just won’t pay off. Everything goes back to the quality of your seeds.

Here are some of the tips to ensure top quality weed seeds;

  • Check the appearance and color

Unlike other crops, cannabis is yet to undergo massive breeding options thus retaining the original looks. You can easily tell the quality of a given seed by looking at it. The seeds retains the usual color, shape and size. 

Weeds vary in colors such as green, brown, and others. Some of the seeds have uniform colors while others have multiple shades with various stripes. The best quality marijuana seed features a brown color, with various shades from the dark to the lighter ones.

Any brown color is perfect as the intensity depends on genetic factors and environmental variables. Other seeds can also become darker when stored for long. The appearance can also change due to oxidation, humidity, and lighting.

The green color for the marijuana seeds is possibly low quality. It shows the marijuana was harvested too early thus the seeds might not be mature enough. A vegetative look means the seed did not develop properly hence likely not to germinate.

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  • Buy from a reputable source

With marijuana growing becoming commonplace, every other person is likely to start selling seeds. Most of the new sites or individuals coming up don’t have the expertise to generate, cure then store the seeds. They can easily pack seeds that are yet to develop. In most cases, they are yet to develop proper storage platforms. The seeds end up losing quality when stored for long.

For the best quality, look for a reliable site that has been operational for some time. The best way to determine a seller’s expertise is through reviews. Talk to various farmers to establish where they source their seeds. Depending on their products, you can purchase your seeds from the same seller.

Also, consider the internet reviews. Look for recommendations from the various marijuana users’ pages on social media sites. For example, you are safe if you buy from i49 due to its massive ratings.

  • Go for optimal shape and size

The various cannabis strains tend to have different shapes and sizes. You can get any shape depending on the growth environment or natural placement.

Some seeds are small and compact without space to wiggle around the outer shell. The other seeds come in large and bloated shapes. They allow spaces between the inner seed and the outer shell. The difference is mostly due to the presence of various minerals like magnesium and calcium that impacts the seed circumference. 

Either way, both of these seeds, whether small or big are good enough. Irrespective of the size, the seed should have a common tear-drop-body shape. It is tapered at one end and round at the other end. Any seed that has a different appearance might not be the best option. Also, look out for deformities and other mishaps that can affect germination.

  • Conduct the float test

The other test for seed quality is one that has been around for ages. Everyone from farmers to cooks uses the float test to understand the quality of cereals.

To test for quality weed seeds, place all the seeds you want to test into a glass or bucket. Fill the vessel with water at room temperature until all the seeds are covered. Give it a couple of hours to note seeds that still float. Remove the seeds that float as they are not healthy enough.

The float test is ideal for seeds that are meant for farming within the next few days. The seeds staying in water for some time weakens the protective membrane of the seed. As such the seed starts germinated afterward.

  • Determine the age of harvest

Most buyers never pay attention to the age of the marijuana plant at the time of harvesting. They then fail to find one of the best ways to find quality cannabis seeds.

Marijuana that is harvested before maturity stores less energy hence less likely to germinate. Those that were harvested after prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain, and other weather elements for a long time might also have lost their energy.

For the best quality, look for seeds from marijuana harvested at their prime. You can spot this from the color of the seeds. The brown-colored seed is likely to have been harvested at the best time.

  • Consider cost

Like any other product, you get what you pay for. A high-quality marijuana seed is likely to cost you more than any other regular seed. They tend to have constant demand hence the higher prices. 

Do not worry about saving on costs such that you compromise on quality. While the initial investments might seem a little too much, you will value the outcome.

However, pricing in itself should not be the only determinant of quality. Possibly, a low-quality marijuana seed can be sold for high prices, most so by unscrupulous dealers. Take note of any deal that seems too good to be true.

Whatever seed you put your cash on, should provide value for money.

Bottom Line

No amount of preparation or nutrients can ensure top produce except with quality seeds. Top-quality weed seeds are what every weed grower needs. A top-quality seed can withstand varied weather conditions, low nutrients and water, and fight diseases. Better still, they are likely to come with equally top-quality marijuana.

This is an exhaustive list of all the ways to Identify the best quality weed seeds. It has the easiest and most common ways to identify the right seeds. 

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