A Guide to the Best Pet Insurance Policies

Rohan Mathew

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Ensuring your pet is one of the best decisions that you can make. You may think that your pet’s bills are relatively low, but that might not always be the case. Accidents and emergencies happen, and it’s better to be prepared for the worst than have to sink your own money into expensive surgeries and treatment plans. 

However, pet insurance drastically ranges in coverage. Some offer preventative care coverage, coverage for annual exams, and more, while some only offer coverage in case of an emergency. 

You should base your choice on what you want, how much you’re willing to pay, and what kind of coverage you’re looking for. Here are some (but not all) of the best pet insurance companies out there. 

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Pet Assure

Many websites label Pet Assure as one of the best insurance policies out there. They offer many benefits and cover all types of household pets. There are no annual limits or deductibles to meet, and you aren’t subjected to a waiting period. Unlike most insurance companies, Pet Assure will also cover pre-existing conditions. 

Unfortunately, Pet Assure has a small list of in-network veterinarians, and they only cover 25% of your costs and don’t cover prescriptions at all. 


24PetWatch is the most common pet insurance recommended by veterinarians, as they’re also responsible for microchipping most pets. 24PetWatch offers a high annual limit and coverage for trip cancellation and pet boarding. You can visit any licensed veterinarian without worrying about whether or not they’re in-network. 

However, their premiums are more expensive than most, and they have a limit on how old your pet can be when you first purchase your premium. Their plans and documents can be hard to understand, and you can only set one up by speaking with a representative over the phone. 


ASPCA isn’t just a nonprofit for animal rights but also a pet insurance company. They offer a multiple pet discount of 10% per pet and allow you to visit any veterinarian you’d like. Their cons are much worse than other brands, as they don’t offer unlimited benefits, and their pre-treatment limits are stringent. 


PetFirst is a great insurance company to look at if you’re only interested in receiving coverage for wellness benefits such as annual exams, vaccinations, and other regular tests. PetFirst offers these benefits from $125 to $575 annually with deductibles of just $250. 

PetFirst also covers accidents, but only when purchased alongside wellness insurance. They don’t offer an accident-only insurance plan like many of their other competitors. 

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Pumpkin pet insurance offers flexible care with extensive coverage for both accidents and illnesses. There are no extra fees for breeds or upper-aged animals. There’s no deductible per condition, but instead yearly. You can choose how high or low you want your deductible to be, and you can also decide how high or low you want your yearly limit to be, allowing you to customize how much you pay each month. 

Pumpkin also allows you to use your insurance immediately, meaning that there are no waiting periods and there are no annual wellness exam requirements to be eligible for pet insurance. Pumpkin also offers a 10% discount for every additional pet added to your plan. 

Their monthly payments may be higher than other brands, but the customization option allows you to pay what you want. 

How to Choose Pet Insurance

Choosing pet insurance can be daunting. There are so many options, and many websites are hard to understand, using complex language to trick you. When choosing pet insurance, you should shop around on different websites, look at the various options, and choose based on the information you find. Speak to representatives and ask all the questions you want before signing up.