Air Conditioner maintenance tips for ultimate cooling

Rohan Mathew



We all become uneasy with the hot, burning summer and its effects. Here comes the role of an Air conditioner, which proves to be a blessing. It cools the environment and makes us feel comfortable. But due to excessive usage, its efficiency decreases with time. So we need to understand some tips which can restore the cooling capacity of our air conditioner. 

Here we will see some of the tips and tricks we can do ourselves to make our ac work well. These tips, if applied successfully, will enable you to avoid

Use a programmable Thermostat.

Getting a programmable thermostat means the half job is done. This type of thermostat will allow us to set temperatures at specific times of the day. Eventually, we will end saving up a lot of energy, and thus its capacity will get a boost with time. This thermostat setting will automatically lower the temperature and will help in saving the money bill. 

Fix the issue of Noisy AC

Noise coming out of our compressor is a serious issue to ponder, which we can’t neglect. In this case, we need to contact our manufacturer for a noise blanket. The installation of a noise blanket is quite easy. But we need not put this blanket over an old compressor because it won’t eliminate noise. This noise blanket will immensely help in case of a new set up. 

Filter Replacement

This step is straightforward and least time-consuming. Just switch off the air conditioner and check out for filters by pulling them out. In case there is a dirt accumulation over them, we need to clean it. However, if the problem is out of control, we need to replace the filter with a new one. It will help us in enhancing the capacity of our conditioner and will eventually make it more efficient. The overall efficiency of our air conditioner will increase. 

Heat Control through windows

It is a fact that a lot of heat enters our home through windows, making the entire environment hot. To make our environment cool, we need to pay attention to the windows of our home. At times when the temperature is more, keep them closed. It is more valid for the windows that are directly facing the sun. 

Using Fin Combs

Fins generally get bent with time, and here comes the role of a fin comb. Fin combs separate the bent fins make a clear passage for air for inflow and outflow. But we need to do this task with a glove to avoid the injury of minor cuts. This way, more airflow will be there, and thus the efficiency of an air conditioner will eventually increase. 

Checking of Insulation

In various instances, the efficiency of our air conditioner gets decreased due to faulty insulation, and we need to rectify this issue as quickly as possible. The only thing required to be done from our end is to repair any fault in the insulation system. 

Checking the size of AC

The size of an air conditioner plays a major role in determining its capacity to cool a particular area. This thing should be considered at the beginning itself while installing a new air conditioner. Our air conditioner should meet the requirements of the thermostat for better functioning. Thus, the size of the air conditioner plays a major role in determining its capacity. 

Check outside environment

Checking the outside environment is equally important as inside. We need to see whether the place where the compressor is placed has plants and trees. If yes, we need to manage a distance of nearly 3 meters from them. Check out whether any shrub or dirt particles are clogging the fins or not and try to resolve it quickly.

Thus, these are some of the steps which we need to consider for maximizing the capacity of our air conditioner. We have to learn more in this regard and try to check out the above-mentioned points to increase the overall capacity. In this way, our life will become more comfortable and peaceful.