Airtrack Mat: a good mat for jumping and gymnastics

Albert Howard

Airtrack Mat: a good mat for jumping and gymnastics

Air sofas are much softer and higher than the usual water beds we know from the club. Available in lengths from 10 to 30 cm depending on the application. Breathing mats can be placed in the gym, backyard, or at home for games that might otherwise fall off.

Kids want to try. They enjoy jumping, gymnastics, and doing light cartwheels. If they fall, they won’t get hurt. Other martial arts also require cushions to prevent falls. Air track mats are very versatile in use as they are available in many sizes and lengths.

What is an inflatable Airtrack mat?

Breathing mats are air-filled exercise mats. It is also called the air floor. The air cushion exercise mat is used indoors and outdoors. They are available in different sizes and their thickness can range from 10 to 30 cm. This makes it an ideal base for many jumping sports. The substance contributes to the jump and thus protects the joints. Pros and Cons of Airtrack mats

What is an Airtrack Mat?

The Airtrack platform is widely used for training in schools and clubs. Airbags prevent jumps. Often used for floor exercises, acrobatics, gymnastics, and cheerleading. It is as popular in martial arts as taekwondo. You can learn new forms and exercises without increasing the risk of injury. The mat is not waterproof and can be used as a swimming pool.

What are the benefits of thicker mats?

The thicker the training mat, the higher the jump and the slower the landing effect. Your body is not as tired as if you train on hard ground. It not only protects the joints but also reduces the risk of injury. Thus, children can practice jumping.

How to clean the Airtrac mat?

You should occasionally clean the Airtrack mat after use. Use lukewarm water with mild liquid detergent or soap. Slightly dampen the mat and wipe dry with a towel. The mat must be completely dry before storage. Otherwise, mold may develop.

Airtrack mats, what should I think about?

Floor mats are available in different sizes. The height varies between one and eight meters. The width is between one and two meters. Make a nice place for the rug. It’s a shame if the floor protection mat you ordered with air cushions doesn’t fit in the living room or children’s room.

You can choose between 10cm and 20cm in length. Some companies offer higher mats. The length of the air track mat affects the jump performance. The higher the cushion, the better the suspension and the higher the jump.

The material of the mat is made of plastic, plastic, and cloth. Tarpaulin is a waterproof material that is also used in trucks. In terms of colors, you can choose from many beautiful colors like pink, blue, green, purple, and bright pink. Airway mats are usually displayed in different colors. For example, b. The edges are pink and the center is gray. There are also light colors such as dark blue and gray-green.

The special feature is the ability to use connectors to extend multiple mats to higher mats. This is the case with GarybanksMats.

Which product wins the Airtrack mat test?

To make the purchase easier, we have collected a lot of information and comparison criteria for air track mat. In comparison, the performance is excellent. FB SPORT AirTrack mats are extremely robust and offer a wide selection of different sizes.

How much does a good gym mat cost? You can get inexpensive mats like FB SPORT mats for as little as 95.99 euros. But it is a small rug measuring 100 x 60 x 10 cm. If you want a larger mats, you have to spend less. Very high professional mats 7-8 meters are also between 750-1000 euros, as the price comparison shows. The price is falling at any moment. If you are lucky, you can find discounts in online stores.

Do you have a test report for the Stiftung Warentest Airtrack Matt 2019?

There is no Airtrack Mattest Stiftung Warentest consumer group. Sports mats were not tested in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Maybe this year will change! Test report not available. I cannot say the name of the official gym mat test winner, but I think the comparison will be a great help in finding a personal bestseller.

Where to buy a good Airtrack Mat?

Good air track mats can be purchased at the Kamei mall-like Decathlon, at department stores with large sports stores, in physical stores, or online. Sometimes used rugs are sold on eBay. It is not always easy to compare prices and differences on the web. Our shopping advice can help you here. In addition to our information, it is also worth reading Kameymall purchasing recommendations and Kameymall customer reviews. You will know how satisfied the buyer is with the product. When ordering an Airtrack mat online, rely on a reputable online store such as Kameymall. 


The mat not only attracts gymnasts and racing athletes but is also a popular household item. Children practice jumping, jumping, or jumping enthusiastically without hurting themselves. It can be used as a cold water slide in the pool. Thanks to its lightweight and axial transmission system, it can also be used for travel and vacation.