7 Kinds of Applications That Can be Developed Using Python

Rohan Mathew

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Technological developments adds a lot of compound to preceding technologies. There are always changes to keep up with the growing needs of the world and these editions are unique in their own ways. 

There are many organizations in the world that have introduced their products and services through mobile applications for satisfying customers ’ demand and receiving positive reviews from them. 

There are over 5 million mobile applications available in the world and the growth of mobile application technology is growing at an unprecedented rate and are very much in trend now.

A lot goes into the development of programs and applications, the major one being the language used during the developmental phase of the application. Although there are more than 500 programming languages that are brewing dynamic apps, today we are here to discuss one such leading programming language, Python. As per a survey conducted by Stackoverflow, Python is the most wanted language that developers want to use.

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Let’s understand Python in a better way and how it has emerged as one of the best programming languages that are majorly used in the app development world to build mobile applications with salient features.

What Is Python All About?

Python was created by Guido van Russom in 1991 and is a high-level language used for general purposes. It is relatively easy to read which has a clear and logical coding approach for small as well as big projects. Python is the answer to all your questions when you are building a complex solution as it requires fewer codes than others. 

Python has existed for almost 30 years now and served bug joints like Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and many more. Another factor that makes Python credible and widely acceptable Is the fact that this programming language is completely free to use and open-source which has attracted a huge number of mobile app development companies and developers.

We have already seen that Python has developed a few of the top-notch apps and added an element to them. Now let’s dig a little deeper and understand what kinds of mobile applications Python is capable of building.

Array Of Mobile Applications That Can Be Built Using Python

There are various kinds of mobile applications that can be developed using Python. Not to mention that Python supports Big Data as the coding process is much faster than other languages. Here is a list of 7 different types of mobile applications that can be developed using Python:

  • Python For Entertainment

 Entertainment majorly surrounds the lives of individuals. At this point in time, colossal companies like Netflix and Youtube are seeing a spike in the demand. These applications have hooked audiences up and are believed that Python is the best when it comes to the developmental phase of these applications for purposes like entertainment.

In this case, Python’s library is what makes this programming language off the edge. Libraries like openCV and PYDUB make it easier for the developer to create audio and video mobile applications in less cumbersome ways.

  • Blockchain  With Python

Amalgamation of AI and Blockchain makes everything streamlined and being one of the emerging technologies Blockchain, is widely being tested for its ability to keep and track records like no other technology and now can be developed using Python programming language.

A  very simple syntax of Python has made it possible for difficult technologies like Blockchain to be developed easily. The most preferred framework is the Flask which offers a wide range of attributes.

  • Gaming Refined With  Python

Designing gaming tools with Python is smooth as any complex design can be quickly resolved without hampering work. As mentioned earlier, libraries of Python such as PyGame eases out the whole process and real-time testing is a really big help to developers.

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Not only libraries but the gaming tools provided by Python are wide. To build interactive games Python is a favored option amongst developers. Games like Vega Strike,  Battlefield 2, EVE online, etc have been built using Python. 

  • Command-Line Applications Using Python

Also referred to as Console applications are computer designed programs. Command-line apps are made to accept inputs. It is simple to understand that these applications do not require a graphical interface. 

To build these applications, Python is a choice because Console applications require the least interaction and can be a good business application. Again, libraries and modules provided by Python help with developing these apps. 

  •  Python Enhances E-Commerce

With growing technological trends, it is easy to say that people have almost stopped visiting supermarkets to purchase goods. It is when E-commerce comes into action, this industry is not only leveraging businesses but customers also.

E-commerce mobile applications are into play these days and preferred by people everywhere because they are the most convenient thing any company can offer. To create an interactive and appealing app, Python can be useful and allow developers to add more agile features.

  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Apps

Libraries offered by Python are clearly leading and winning the game. Libraries like NumPy, Scikit-Learn, etc are making the development of AI and Mobile Learning applications easy to develop. 

These two technologies are expert when it comes to handling tasks since these applications are required to function and behave like humans, A programming language like Python will provide data which is humanly readable. 

  • Combination Of Data Science and Python

Python jibes with Data science like fitting two puzzles together. Analyzing a great amount of data is hard, but if it’s done seamlessly, profits will definitely soar. Python is object-oriented and flexible which is the reason why it can be chosen for this purpose. 

Rapid application development cuts the hassle out  and libraries like Pandas and NumPy allow data extractions easily and this programming language can be used to build graphs and data visualizations proficiently. 

In A Nutshell

As mentioned earlier, Python has a lot of capability that can build complex applications easily. When it comes to keeping up with trends, Python has left no stone unturned and is compatible with advanced technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Science, and much more. 

Python is one of the most supreme programming languages that has been introduced to this date. Every coin has two sides, where Python stands strong in multiple arenas it has limitations too like a slow execution process, less suitable for memory-optimized apps and other constraints. But Python clearly overpowers them all and continues to triumph.