Are You Putting Customers First on the Help Desk?

Rohan Mathew

The IT service desk is one of the most important parts of your business. Although this segment might not be responsible for building new products or delivering new ideas, it is responsible for ensuring that you can continue to delight and maintain your business functionality. Unfortunately, it’s easy for employers and business leaders to forget that they should be putting the customer first with their help desk software that’s available for use. If you’re noticing a drop in your experience or satisfaction scores, then you might not have the right strategy in place to keep your requestors happy and loyal over the long-term. Here are some questions to ask about your strategy. 

Are You Really Listening to Customers?

If you want to click here for solutions and put your customers first with your IT help desk, then you need to make sure you’re listening to what the feedback says about you, and what they don’t say. The only way to really determine whether you’re delivering what the need is to pay attention to what your customers say about you. Conducting regular feedback surveys and using experience scorecards after interacting is a great way to get some useful information. It’s also worth paying attention to any complaints that your customers have left, through social media, your website, or even reviews websites. Paying close attention to everything that is said – both good and bad, will help you to improve your strategy. 

Are You Communicating Properly?

Exceeding your customer’s expectations in this digital world means being as transparent and honest as possible with your client care. Open communication is a must-have if you want your people to trust you and feel comfortable working with you long-term. Make sure that you always deliver updates about anything that your customers need to know in a timely fashion. For instance, if you have upcoming maintenance on the way, ensure that your clients know in advance. 

If something positive or negative has happened within your business, make sure that your customers hear about it from you first. Reports and letters from management about any major incidents will come across better when they come direct from your leadership team. Effective communication should also show that you’re not trying to hide anything from your clients. 

Are You Consistent?

Finally, how consistent are you in delivering excellent experiences through your help desk? Although automation can be a worrying concept for some companies who haven’t experimented with AI before, it can be very powerful in ensuring consistency. For instance, you can automate routing systems so your customers always talk to an employee that’s an expert in the field that they have a question about, meaning they don’t have to get passed around as many agents. You can also ensure that your employees have access to a knowledgebase where they can access scripts and processes that will make them more effective in delivering excellent results. Regular team huddles and meetings will ensure that you can get feedback on how any processes are driving positive outcomes for your team.