Being Better: 6 Tips To Becoming A Good Content Writer

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Writing has never run out of hurdles in pen and paper. Writing is always coupled with struggles, and writers would agree that you’re not reading it wrong! Although contrary to the belief that writing should never be hard to do, reality check has proven otherwise.

The same issue is set aflame to those aspiring, good content writers wannabe. Anyone can write, but only a few can incorporate quality in it, making it more than just mediocre writing. And that is one big difference right there.

With proper procedures and skill sets, writing becomes more natural. Different, varying versions on how to become good content writers may be different, but the essential tips introduced below will surely help you blow the hurdles away!

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Commitment In Writing

Like any other skill, becoming a good content writer does not just pop out of the blue. It takes time and commitment to become an excellent writer.

Who knows, stop writing the day after you have written because your writing appetite didn’t last for one day long? See? This situation is where setting up a commitment to writing makes it a big deal! Writing with commitment provides you a stronghold to keep up in content writing.

Using the Right Tools

In almost every job, the saying: “You’re only as good as your tools” holds a lot of truth. For example, if you’re a chef, then you can’t cut vegetables using a fork or a rolling pin. You’d need a knife. For a doctor, you won’t be able to hear the heartbeat of a patient with just your bare ears, they’d need a stethoscope. 

With writers, you can’t write effectively if you don’t have the right tools. Tools such as a grammar checker, a character count tool, spell checker, are essential if you want to write a convincing piece. In SEO, there are certain rules that writers should note such as character count, word count, proper capitalization, and so much more. Without reliable tools, a writer can’t catch up with such requirements.


No writers can create insightful content without enough knowledge of it. If you want to become a reliable writer, you must know how to do proper research. 

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Retrieve all relevant information that suffices the content with which you are writing.
  • Break down complex contents into parts and subsequently research one at a time instead of researching the complex contents.
  • Check for the reliability of the websites before browsing.

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Create A Topic Outline

Nothing beats consistency and coherence in writing, so creating a topic outline is undoubtedly a right hand! Narrow down your information by creating a topic outline. Not only that, it reduces writing time, but also helps you stay directed throughout the composition.

Tips for topic outlining are up below:

  • Write the title of the content for which you are writing.
  • Organize your content by dividing it into subcategories.
  • Subsequently provide supporting details under each subcategory. 

Proceed To Writing Proper

Writing proper has no venue for distractions. Let your full focus step into the spotlight and let it rule through. Don’t let it go out because it is power.

Here are some tips to the writing proper phase:

  • Remember the purpose of your writing.
  • Consider your intended readers and use diction.
  • Be sure to deliver your message to your readers.
  • In the introductory part of your content, be sure to write a powerful hook. Your hook is crucially the determinant factor of whether readers would continue to read your article. 
  • The body of your content should be insightful and meaningful. Use transitional devices and sufficient supporting details to such.
  • The takeaway or conclusion part of your content should always sum up everything in the said article. Avoid introducing new ideas or thoughts in the takeaway.

Intensive Editing And Proofreading

This has nothing to do with violence, but be merciless in editing and proofreading. Proofreading is another step to becoming a good content writer.

Tips for editing and proofreading are up below:

  • Check the spelling, the proper usage, and placement of the punctuation marks.
  • Double-check the grammaticality of your sentences.
  • Use eye-friendly fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial, among others.
  • Seek for experts’ advice and be vulnerable to their feedback.


One of the best jobs to do right now is content writing. Just like any profession, content writers should have the commitment and willingness to learn about the craft. Content writers get good pay and they can work from home or anywhere they want, as long as they have the means to do so.

Because of the pandemic, the number of people wanting to work from home is staggering and might prove difficult for you to get hired as a content writer, you should have skills that make you shine among the rest. The tips mentioned above can help you become an excellent content writer.