Best Emulator To play Epic Seven with for the Best Performance

Rohan Mathew

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Epic Seven is a free RPG game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game is based on a Gacha mechanic wherein players have to explore tons of questlines and participate in epic Guild Battles. You can also compete for a chance at re-rolling extremely powerful characters in the game that can help increase their chances of leveling up and beating labyrinths quickly.

The game has recently added an Arena Duel feature where players duel it out with each other in an all-out war for a chance to be placed on the leaderboard. If you end up getting towards the leaderboard, you gain prestigious rewards that can help boost you further.

Epic Seven is also notorious for its World Events, such as its World Bosses, which can randomly spawn at any time. These bosses require a band of players or a guild to come together and find an extremely hard to beat the boss for a chance to earn very rare rewards by the end of it. You can get exclusive premium rewards from killing a World Boss. These events are especially useful for free to play players who need all the help they can further progress in the game.

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The game features beautiful visuals and is known for its wonderful animations and a great storyline. However, the game’s main draw is its emphasis on scale, with the map being huge and questlines being filled to the absolute brim with content that for your pleasure. Alongside high visual fidelity, the developers have put in a lot of time and love into solidifying the game’s core mechanics and concepts to not lose its replay value at all.

As you play along with the game, you will notice a very common theme. Most experienced players prefer to play the game on an Android Emulator where they have more control over their actions and have access to features that are simply not available on mobile phones. Today, we will be looking at the best Emulator you should choose when you want to play Epic Seven for the best performance possible.


Arguably one of the oldest and best emulators around, LDPlayer has solidified itself in the gaming space by being one of the first Emulators to support PUBG: Mobile and provide a lag-free experience within a week of the game’s release. The Emulator also has access to three different App Stores, which always place it one step ahead of the competition.

LDPlayer has long stood the test of time and has thereby implemented many new optimizations and features over the years that have made sure that games like Epic Seven run in the best way possible. With the ability to play the game at an extremely high refresh rate with macro and script support, many veteran Epic Seven players have switched to LDPlayer due to its clean, minimalist UI and aesthetic approach. It’s a good idea to download epic seven on PC with LDPlayer.

LDPlayer Features:

  • LDPlayer offers uninterrupted, lag-free gameplay with a dedicated Gamer Oriented feature that ensures complete utilization of your RAM and Processor with frame rates that can exceed 240.
  • The Emulator has a multi-instance feature where you can simultaneously play the game on multiple accounts, enhancing your re-rolling speed on Epic Seven by a very big margin.
  • It has an onboard dedicated video recording and screenshot feature that lets you capture your favorite gaming moments and share them with your friends effortlessly with no performance impact on your PC whatsoever.
  • LDPlayer also has access to Macros, which lets you record specific Keybinds that you can then execute with a button’s press. These macros are especially helpful when trying to execute hard spell rotations as they add finesse to your timings while also making it impossible for you to fail.
  • The Emulator also runs the latest compatible version of Android. This version ensures that you will experience smooth gameplay with no lags, stutters, or crashes. This version also supports the Google Play Store and all Google Services, which you can pick from.

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Another big name in the Emulator space, BlueStacks, is known for its performance on high-end PCs. Its’ developers are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience possible, with support added to most games.

BlueStacks Features:

  • BlueStacks is known for running well on high-end PCs, taking the high system load the Emulator puts on the CPU while the game runs.
  • BlueStacks runs on Android 6, which is the latest Android Android version for games like Epic Seven.
  • The Emulator has access to screen-recording features as well as screenshots.
  • BlueStacks features local translation options, which translates games automatically to your local language.


Known for its general smooth gameplay, NoxPlayer has been used by many users worldwide for its performance and general stability alongside much more famous emulators like LDPlayer and BlueStacks.

NoxPlayer Features:

  • NoxPlayer supports all modern Android titles with dedicated keybinds available for each of them.
  • The Emulator runs very well on high-end systems and goes up to 200 FPS while consuming its fair share of system resources in the process.
  • NoxPlayer has a Drag-And-Drop APK installation feature, which is useful when installing mudded versions of applications or games.
  • NoxPlayer features various rendering engines that you can pick and choose from. It has access to the DirectX rendering engine alongside OpenGL and OpenGL+, ensuring that all modern games are compatible.


If you take a look at all these emulators, it can be seen that all of them run a game like Epic Seven pretty well with no real issues amongst all of them. However, things get much more clearly when we look at the features offered by each Emulator alongside particular nuances such as hardware-specific optimizations where there is a huge difference.

According to testing done by us, LDPlayer has always shown to the most stable in these cases. It also provides users with the most features at the same. Therefore, it is the fastest Emulator jam-packed with the most addendums for you to play Epic Seven with on PC.