Best Free Music Downloader In 2021

Rohan Mathew

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Music is the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity. Music can be used to pass different messages that is why it has different definitions. 

Music can be used to express a happy mood, sad mood, killings, wars, and a whole lot of other happenings. Music evolved and passed through many stages before it became what it is today. There was a time where music lovers can only listen to songs only through a live band. Recorders came, and it improved how music reached a lot of people. The internet changed the dynamics; music has gotten to every nook and cranny of the world. 

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With your smartphone or laptop, you can get any music of your choice within the comfort of your home. 

In this article, we will look at the websites that can help you download ai music without paying any fee.

  • Evano Music Downloader

You can download songs on Evano Music Downloader for free. It is a well-designed website that is very fast when it comes to downloading songs online. An internet user does not need registration to use Evano Music Downloader. Evano Music Downloader can protect your files and your device from viruses and malware attacks that you may come in contact with on the internet. 

When you want to download a song with Evano Music Downloader, copy the URL link of the song and paste the link in the search box of Evano Music Downloader. Select an appropriate format you want your song to be converted to. Now, click on the ‘Convert’ button to begin the process of conversion. After the song has been converted, you should click on the ‘Download’ button immediately and choose a destination folder to store the song on your device.

  • Ontiva Music Downloader

You can also download songs with Ontiva Music Downloader – youtube playlist to mp3. Ontiva Music Downloader is an online downloader that can be used for free by internet users. Just like Evano Music Downloader, Ontiva Music Downloader also boasts of fast downloading of songs. It can also boast of a good user interface. An internet user does not need to pay any fee before he or she can download a song on Ontiva Music Downloader. Also, registration is not a must.

If you want to download a song with Ontiva Music Downloader, follow the same procedure of downloading songs with Evano Music Downloader.

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  • DatPiff

Datpiff is the site for lovers of rap music. It is the number one site that offers free music from popular rap musicians. It is the website fans of rap music visit when a popular rap musician drops a song. The site has a pop-out player, which allows you to listen to the song first before you decide to download it or not. A lot of rap song remixes, freestyle from rap musicians, and compilations of songs by rap musicians can be found on DatPiff.

When you want to download a song on Datpiff, the first step is to search for the song. When you find the song, click on the ‘Download’ button that can be found below the song and choose a folder where the song will be stored. In a few seconds, the song will be stored on your device.

  • Audiomack

Audiomack is like a rival to Datpiff because it also has a lot of rap songs. On Audiomack, you will find collections of hip hop and rap songs. Recently, some creators have disabled the ‘Download’ feature on some songs, but there are still a lot of songs that can be downloaded for free. If you want to download a song on Audiomack, search for the song and click on the ‘Download’ button after you find the song. Lastly, choose a destination folder on your device where the song will be stored.

  • Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the biggest and best online websites for downloading any type of song. Thousands of tracks are available for internet users to choose from. You can find songs on both new and old musicians on Jamendo, that is why it is referred to as one of the best. Even though the number of tracks on Jamendo is much, finding your preferred song is very easy. You can search for songs through genre, popularity, and user ratings.

One of the applaudable acts of Jamendo is that it gives young and upcoming musicians the chance to sell themselves to the world.

If you want to download a song on Jamendo, search for the song through genre or popularity. As soon as you find the song, the next step is to locate the ‘Download’ button, which can be found very close to the song. Click on the ‘Download’ button and select a folder on your device where you want the song to be stored.