Best Things To Do In Abingdon, VA

Rohan Mathew

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With a unique name and just comprising of a few thousands of people, this serene city has paid its dues and now it has attained cults like status in the arts and historical industry in the United States of America. This city has just over eight thousand people, and there’s a funny saying around town that everyone seems to know everyone. From the mayor to the store worker just about every citizen of Abingdon, VA seems to be cordial and hospitable. Travelers and tourists have slowly made this city a Mecca of sorts as they troupe in every holiday period to savor the peace, quiet, and the articulate artistic features that the little city offers. Join me as I take a trip to find out what makes Abingdon VA so desirable.


Abingdon VA is serene and has very intimate scenery. With its few citizens and awesome cost of living, it is little wonder why this city has become so popular with tourists and travelers thinking of a place to cool off in good old Virginia. This city is also a camper’s dream as there are numerous campsites to pick and enjoy the opportunities they offer. You could check out Sugar Hollow Park with its beautiful and clean campgrounds. This camp has great security as well as the fact that visitors are assured of hospitality and ease of access into the places that make Abingdon so loved—thinking of combining recreation as well as camping? Then you should try out Jacobs Creek Recreation Area Campground, which is amazing for enjoying peaceful summertime picnics with family and friends. You might meet someone special while you’re at it. If you’re feeling lucky, you could check out the Interstate Campground and lodge for a few dollars.

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Most downtowns in illustrious cities in the United States of America seem to be the more boring parts of the city and places you won’t love to visit. However, Abingdon’s downtown seems to be a star attraction. In this downtown, you can find unique retailers and restaurants, arts venues, historic churches, and service businesses. Take your time and get a professional tour guide. It’s worth the few bucks.


People traveling to a new city for work, to settle down or to enjoy the scenery with family and friends usually have a peculiar problem. This problem is the fact that they are conflicted as to whether they should rent a vehicle for the duration of the stay or rely on Uber to convey then to places of fun and leisure. Luckily in Abingdon, you can choose just about any vehicle you want by picking from an array of operational car rental companies. You could check out Virginia Auto Leasing and Rental to scheme through and make your choice out of numerous high rise vehicles or maybe a few modest rentals. It would be best if you opted for the automobiles at Enterprise Rent-A-Car where you can make your choice and get served with flexible rates coupled with hard to find professionalism. The choice is yours, but you can’t go wrong in Abingdon, VA.

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Abingdon is nestled amid the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains; it serves as an excellent starting point for any trip to the region, with super easy access to both cultural amenities as well as outdoor adventure. Over the years, the beautiful city of Abingdon VA has developed a deserved reputation as a Haven for travelers that are looking to find a proper spot for hiking and exploring. Are you a fan of great heights and creeping trails? Then Virginia Creeper Trail is the place for you, contact your tour guide, pack up some essentials, and gear up for the hike of a lifetime. Here you can take a look around and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings of the mountains and creek while enjoying the company of family and friends. If you are looking for a quite scenery and a place hardly discovered by the general public you should certainly try out The Channels Trail. Here you will love the rock fort which makes a perfect mid hike excursion and lunch spot. There are also a couple of honorable mentions you’d love to check out such as Seven Sisters Trail, Chestnut Ridge, Appalachian Trail, and the simply amazing Cascades National Recreation Trail.


What are the things that make a city desirable to live in? Off the cuff, I can say that a few characteristics are the cost of living, crime rate, suitability to retire, ease in finding jobs, and education levels of residents. Abingdon VA has a reasonable cost of living as it ranked sixth in the suburbs in terms of low costs of living in Virginia. Foodstuffs are affordable, and housing isn’t that expensive making the place quite suitable for most people that choose to domicile. Abingdon also has a low crime rate which is quite enviable as compared to other cities in Virginia. The city of Abingdon had zero murder cases last year and is well on its way to repeating such numbers. This, coupled with the suitability to retire, ease in finding jobs and education levels of residents, makes Abingdon quite desirable to make it your next home.


Mountains and nature have long been a calling card for tourists from all around the world. Abingdon has loads of both, and it is of little wonder that thousands of people troupe each year to enjoy the vibe. Traveling across a border can be done by getting an ESTA Visa online. This ensures that the traveler would avoid the hassles from immigration and have a smooth stay for the duration of the trip. Getting an ESTA isn’t a herculean feat as you can do such by visiting the ESTA website, filling in the required biodata, and waiting for forty-eight hours to get a response from the ESTA team. If there is no response within this timeframe, you can revisit the website and check out your ESTA Visa status. Abingdon VA is enthralling and hospitable, but that could change very quickly if authorities notice that as a traveler you got in without adequate papers. Why go through such stress when you can get an ESTA?