Best Window Replacement Brands For 2021

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Best Window Replacement Brands For 2021

Getting the best window Replacement brand for your home will depend on a couple of factors. Once you’ve decided to replace the windows, it’s imperative that you’re getting quality as you could be spending a significant amount on the replacement. When choosing the brand, it’s essential to look at the cost, frame types, energy efficiency, and cost of installation.

A good way to know the best brands to go for is to reach out to professional window installers. They’ve done the job for a while and have a solid idea of the brands that can be trusted. If you’re thinking about replacing your windows in 2021, here are some of the brands that are worth considering.

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Pella Windows

This brand is known for producing functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement windows. You can choose from the popular wood line that is famous for the Adjustable Designer Series and the Customized Architect Series. Both two options are excellent if you’re looking for replacement windows that are durable and will last for years to come. There are companies like EZ Window Solutions of Toledo that will offer a customized solution depending on your needs and the brands that you decide to go for. You can also choose from their line of fiberglass windows if you’re on a budget.

Andersen Windows

Most professional window installers will recommend Andersen Windows because of the brand’s reputation for providing high-quality and durable window products. Another great thing about Andersen Windows is that there are tiers to their windows and you’ll get quality for every price point.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can go for the 100 series. For better quality, the 200 series comes highly recommended. The replacement windows will outlast some of the offerings from other popular brands in the same space. Customers also enjoy comprehensive warranties because of economies of scale. For double-hung vinyl windows, you can expect to pay $280 per piece on average.

Milgard Windows

This company is mostly known for its wide range of affordable vinyl windows. Customers can choose between different varieties and functions from the four window lines that are provided by Milgard Windows. For soundproofing options, you can check out the Quiet Line which is designed to provide a solution if you live in a noisy location. Combining modernism and minimalism is their aluminum line. Customers can enjoy different tiers and quality so that there is a solution for every budget. The average price starts at $185 and can go up to $400 including the total cost for the installation.

Simonton Windows

This is another brand that caters to those that are looking for affordable window replacement solutions without compromising on quality. Customers can get all the common windows in different designs and price points. The average cost per window starts at $200.

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Harvey Windows

You can get the Harvey replacement in wood and vinyl options. The double-hung windows are in wood and the company also offers quality casement.  If you live in an area that is susceptible to storms, the Vigilant Storm Window is designed to withstand the elements. The Acoustic will help in noise management if you live near an airport or a busy road. Depending on the type of style you want, you should expect to pay from $285 to $450 per window.

Loewen Windows

This is one of the most established window companies in Canada. The company offers a range of beautiful windows. You can choose the option of copper, aluminum, and bronze. The brand is particularly known for producing windows that withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions. You can pay up to $985 for the windows and installation costs. It might not be the first option that you go for but it will be worth every penny in the long run.

Finding a Local Installer

Even if you’ll be buying the window replacement on your own, an installer will still be needed. You can buy the best windows but you’ll not benefit if they’re not installed correctly. Getting the right installation company will not be a straightforward process. You’ll have to find out about the experience of the company. When you get a good installer, it will be easy to get the best recommendations for the window brands that suit your needs.

Getting the right manufacturer is also important but only one part of the question. Take your time with the research process. Ask for references if necessary. You don’t want to make the mistake of working with the wrong installation company.