Bringing chic street art into your room with graffiti walls and hep window stickers 

Rohan Mathew

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The sole purpose of graffiti is to induce some spirited and modern street style décor inside your home. You do it with a colorful, creative, and calculative flair. Graffiti has transcended beyond its flashy street origins in the last 20 years. 

  • Today, countless designers and homeowners are borrowing this vivacious, engaging, and unique art from for enlivening modern interiors. 
  • You may like austere stencil-oriented creations or extravagant motifs with hip-hop inspirations, graffiti can make a style statement that’s catchy and exclusive at the same time. 
  • If you’ve an eclectic bedroom, a graffiti wall makes a colorful and glamorous addition. It gives your space a street smart, edgy mood while supplementing a stunning artwork. 
  • Designers are finding myriad ways for integrating graffiti into old buildings without actually disrupting the residence’s existing tonality and mood.
  • Captivating, creative and perpetually popular, this style has the potential to add a unique character to your home. 
  • Steel and brick indoors enhance the graffiti charm. The traditional brick walls, back alleys and steel meshes create the background that becomes the center stage of awesome graffiti work.
  • Contemporary industrial lofts provide a similar base, enabling you to experiment with a variety of motifs and styles. 
  • From the austere white and black graffiti that’s both elegant and effective, you can also create colorful and radiant versions.

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Stealing the show

For trendy kitchens and living-rooms, you can experiment with window stickers and graffiti patterns. The combination is logical as you choose various add-ons in the room. You can express yourself in a unique fashion, creating a personal and peaceful shelter. 

  • Contemporary bedroom walls bloom with graffiti. Kids’ bedrooms exude more fashion on the basis of this fascinating addition. 
  • Elaborate manual paintings and simple spray paint can enhance the graffiti touch. Graffiti means self-expression and compelling graffiti work can make a huge impact.
  • Switching between styles and shades is another option. More often than not, a new color trend, design, or pattern might look awesome in isolation. However, they could also look clumsy and alien in your own home.
  • If you’re playing with graffiti, you can also embrace wall art décor, home décor designs and accessories, and art pieces in a more temporary way.
  • A framed and compact graffiti piece can look stunning with half elements. It won’t overpower or disrupt your room.

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For wall decoration

If you’re into graffiti art, you can bedeck your walls with it and let it comply with taste. If you happen to be an artist, you can purchase a few sprays and work on your imagination. You’ll find that the graffiti style complies with room décor. You can use the same style in interior color. 

Black Puma is a fantastic kitchen décor. You can paint it with graffiti motifs in the area paper. Graffiti in the drawing room is an excellent example of how you can take simple things to another level. 

For manga fans, you can go into fresh décor in the nursery or advanced level. You can use graffiti walls in your office space as well. The designs need to be top-notch.